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You're a monster...
Steven, "Another One Wipes the Dust"

Steven is an episodic character on Devious Maids. He was the Powells' accountant and met with Adrian in "Another One Wipes the Dust".


Season 4

Steven 402
Steven calls Evelyn a monster. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Steven becomes the new accountant to Adrian and Evelyn Powell and one evening decides to dine with the former over at the Elswood Country Club, where he's never been before. To Adrian's surprise, Evelyn shows up and he attempts to introduce them to their new accountant; however, she has no interest in meeting Steven, merely intent on proving that her apparently wheelchair-bound husband can in fact walk and has been faking his injury for six months so that she'll hold off on a divorce. However, while Evelyn claims to be the victim, she keeps on making herself look bad; first, but continually using the word "cripple", and then by physically trying to force her husband out of the chair, with him keeping up his act and begging her not to hurt him. Steven cannot believe what he is seeing and, when Adrian is lying on the ground, pretending not to be able to walk, he rushes to his aid and declares that Evelyn is a monster. Evelyn refutes this, begging as she's dragged out by security guards that her friend Gail Fleming tell everyone that she is not a monster, but Gail, compelled by social pressure, concedes that she is. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

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