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The store manager is a man who stops the fight between Evelyn and the homeless woman. He appears in "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs".


Season 2

A car pulls over on one of the streets of Beverly Hills. Stepping out of it is Evelyn Powell and Tanya Taseltof. Evelyn tells her bodyguard, Tony that he may stay behind. While Evelyn and Tanya walk, Evelyn notices a homeless woman holding up a sign wanting food and money - it's the same homeless woman who received Evelyn's necklace. The two gals approach the homeless woman, and Evelyn asks where she received the necklace. The homeless woman states that it was a gift. Evelyn asks if she can hold it, but the homeless woman refuses. Evelyn reaches over and tries to steal the necklace, resulting in the two women fighting. Tanya watches in shock, and Tony and the store manager hurry over to see what's going on. They pull Evelyn away and the homeless woman manages to escape down the road, necklace in tow. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

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