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Stuart Haskell is a minor character on Devious Maids. He is Evelyn and Adrian Powell's marriage counselor.


Early Life

In order to get his degree, Stuart attended the Ivy League school, Cornell University. ("From Here to Eternity")

Season 3

Stuart 301
Dr. Haskell gives some advices the Powells. ("Awakenings")

Evelyn and Adrian attend one of their regular meetings with their marriage counselor, Stuart Haskell, who asks how their marriage is currently going. The Powells admit that it's good, but that there has been trouble in the bedroom as of the late. As Adrian struggles with words, Evelyn states that her husband has been 'limp.' "I see," Stuart replies, to which Evelyn adds, "In the penis area." Adrian tries to quiet his wife, thinking the therapist understands what they were getting at. Stuart suggests some of the medications they make for that sort of problem, but Evelyn reveals that they've tried them, but still, nothing seems to do the trick. Evelyn states that she can't help but feel Adrian just isn't attracted to her anymore. Stuart asks how long this has been going on, to which Adrian reveals the past month; he adds that it's strange since their marriage happens to be better than ever. Evelyn also reveals that they've recently gotten some much needed closure on the death of their son. Stuart begins to come to a realization that this means no more constant fighting; he asks how this makes Adrian feel. "Well nobody enjoys fighting all the time," Adrian exclaims, but Stuart replies that in fact some people do; they strive on conflict - it excites them. Adrian questions if the therapist is saying that him being happy is making him unhappy. Stuart replies that he's not saying anything, but that he's posing a question. However, Evelyn speaks up, wanting to pose a question of her own; she asks when it is she and her husband will be having sex again, to which Stuart replies that the two of them are going to have to work together, and it's going to be very, very hard. "Can I get that in writing?" Evelyn asks. ("Awakenings")

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