Devious Maids 3x12
August 17, 2015
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"Suspicion" is the 38th episode of Devious Maids.


Marisol starts to believe that Taylor is hiding something about the murders. Ernesto sets a plan into motion that may have dangerous consequences for Rosie. Zoila has a hard time adapting to a big change in her job. Adrian's past actions come back to threaten his happy family.


Evelyn 312
The Powells are forced to say goodbye to Deion...

Adrian and Evelyn sit Deion down to ask if he'd like to be their full-time adoptive son; while he's saying yes, the Powells get a phone call which is answered by Carmen, who proceeds to interrupt the big family moment saying that Adrian needs to come now. As it turns out, it's his private investigator Rick Dresden, who's found Deion's birth father Wallace Jones and is sitting across from him right now. Wallace wants to meet Deion to make sure he's happy where he is, but Adrian can't have Evelyn finding out that he had the birth father contacted in the first place. As such, he hatches a new evil scheme on top of his pre-existing one, making plans for Evelyn and Deion to spend to day together out of town while he takes advantage of Carmen's "acting" abilities (with that being her new career path following the abolition of her album). She pretends to be Evelyn while they hire a young actor, Malik, to pretend to be Deion. Everything goes swimmingly with Wallace until the real Evelyn and Deion return, and Wallace realizes that some sort of dreadful ruse is afoot. He wants to take Deion away and Evelyn tells Adrian to fix it because if he loses Deion then he loses her as well. Carmen convinces him to give the Powells a second chance, explaining how she gave up her own baby to a good family and that it was the best thing for it, but then Adrian ruins things by attempting to bribe his way out of the situation. Wallace decides that the Powells are not a good family and he takes Deion away, to Evelyn's utter devastation. She breaks down crying and seeing this convinces Carmen to go back to Sebastien, not wanting to be alone any longer.

312 02
Marisol tries to get the truth out of Taylor.

Rosie gives Katy a Virgin Mary statue to help her stop having nightmares before proceeding to confront Taylor about the blood she found on her couch. Taylor insists that it's red wine but Rosie doesn't believe her, going to Marisol about the situation and being told that if she pours Hydrogen Peroxide on the stain then she'll know it's blood because it'll bubble. However, when Rosie returns to the Stappord house, Taylor has redecorated the living room with all new furniture from Kivnik's. This is highly suspicious; while Marisol wants to get information out of Taylor by taking her out and plying her with alcohol, Rosie wishes for Spence to return her phone calls since he was Taylor's sponsor and thus would know if she was having an affair (which she thinks resulted in Louie Becker's murder). Knowing that Taylor will be gone with Marisol, Ernesto arranges for Hector to kidnap Katy the following night, when he and Rosie will be curled up on the couch together. He unlocks the door after she locks it so that Hector can get in, and he goes on to try and take Katy... only for her to hit him around the head with her Virgin Mary statue and alert Rosie of his presence. Ernesto tells him to leave, and meanwhile Taylor sees right through Marisol's attempt to pump her for information and storms away from their get-together.

Rosie 312
Rosie tells Ernesto that she really wishes he stayed dead.

When she returns home and hears what happened, she explains to Rosie how Katy's father was writing a book on organized crime but was killed by a drug cartel before he could publish it, so she and Michael smuggled her out of Mexico. She reveals that the cartel was the Goviota Cartel, which Rosie recognizes as the same one that took Ernesto prisoner... only she realizes now that that never happened. She confronts Ernesto and gets him to confess that he let Hector in, then hearing how he worked for the cartel and was willing to trade Katy's life for his own. She is disgusted and tells him that she wishes he remained dead, while Marisol heads to a Kivnik's warehouse and retrieves Taylor's old couch. She uses Hydrogen Peroxide on the blood stain and confirms that that's what it is, meaning Taylor is definitely involved in Louie's murder and thus probably knows who killed Blanca. Meanwhile, Hector threatens Rosie and so Ernesto strangles him to death.

Genevieve 312
Genevieve finally gets rid of Christopher.

Zoila calls Marisol in search of a job and ends up stuck with Gail Fleming, which she doesn't mind at first considering she doesn't want to be friends with her boss this time around anyway. When the neighbor's dog is barking all day, Zoila offers to go convince her to get it to quieten down, but when the neighbor, Susie, hears that the barking is bothering Gail, she refuses to do anything about it. As such, Gail ends up kidnapping the dog and giving it to a kill shelter, saying that it's a stray. This absolutely horrifies Zoila who ends up rescuing Susie's German Shepherd from the pound and convincing her to adopt a new Chihuahua - who, for a small dog, makes a lot of noise. She revels in Gail's dissatisfaction as she says that, while she doesn't need to like her boss, she does need to respect her, and she doesn't respect Gail. Meanwhile, Genevieve is having trouble clicking with Joy, even driving her to tears with the kind of playful banter she used to exchange with Zoila. She tries taking her to lunch to win her over, only for Joy to break down in tears yet again, claiming that she doesn't deserve any kind of nice treatment because she lied to Zoila about Dr. Neff being poor as a part of his scheme to drive her away. Genevieve is shocked and subsequently kicks Neff out of her house. He suggests couples' therapy, but she points out that therapy is for couples who want their relationship to work out, while she has no longer has any interest in being with him. He can't believe she's choosing her maid over him, but she claims that she's choosing her friend over him. She meets up with Zoila later and tries convincing her to come back, but Zoila is still deeply hurt over how Genevieve tossed her aside. As such, Genevieve suggests that the two of them go to couples' therapy, not wanting to give up on this relationship.



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