Sweeping with the Enemy
Devious Maids 4x04
June 27, 2016
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"Sweeping with the Enemy" is the 43rd episode of Devious Maids.


Marisol deals with a new roommate. Daniela and Carmen’s relationship takes a turn when an unexpected visitor arrives. Zoila gets setup on a blind date, as Genevieve also makes a new friend. Rosie’s suspicions of foul play grow stronger.


404 01
Danni learns who her real mother is.

Daniela spends the night having sex with Jesse, who professes to want to keep things casual, and proceeds to get a call saying that she's been selected to fill in as a singer in an upcoming showcase, to her joy. However, when she goes to tell Carmen, her mother Josefina arrives on the scene to take her home, having been summoned by her cousin. Carmen feels bad that Danni won't get the chance to sing in the showcase and wonders if Josefina can't let her stay after all, but Josefina points out that Carmen gave up her right to have any say in Danni's life when she gave her up for adoption. As such, Carmen goes directly to Danni to apologize, proposing a way to allow her to sing in the showcase after all by lying their asses off to her mother. Carmen tries arranging for the three of them to take a bus tour where the bus will break down and make it so that the the flight back to San Juan is missed, but Josefina doesn't seem to be going for it, meaning Carmen has to trick her into walking into a room so that she can barricade the door and trap her, so as to give Daniela a chance to sing. When Josefina is eventually freed by Adrian, she finds Danni and Carmen and is furious, though Carmen convinces her cousin to let Danni sing since she herself has been in many of similar showcases and it never went anywhere; as soon as Daniela realizes that nobody cares about her talent, she'll be on the first flight home. Josefina finally allows it, not caring about her daughter's amazing voice, but Carmen can't help but tear up at the fact that her daughter is an even better singer than her. Things go as Carmen predicted and nobody cares about the showcase, meaning Danni goes to Jesse for some goodbye sex before she leaves, but Jesse doesn't want her to go because, although he wanted to keep things casual, he actually likes her and wants her to stay. Carmen later begs Josefina not to take Danni home and to allow her to pursue a singing career because she's so good, but Josefina refuses; Carmen wants her cousin to stop acting as though she's no one to Danni, since she gave birth to her, and Danni overhears this and is shocked. She storms away, not wanting to speak to either of her mothers.

Evelyn 404
Evelyn's poverty leads her into some dire circumstances.

Marisol is on the phone trying to score a meeting with Cece Sheffield when Evelyn awakes in need of breakfast, revealing that she can't go out because she no longer has any money. Taking pity on her, Marisol gives Evelyn her credit card to buy some food, only for her to then return home to find that Evelyn has replaced all of her furniture. She tells her that she's going to have to take it all back and get a job, retracting her credit card, and later, after Evelyn tries to join in on a meeting with all the maids, Marisol asks her if she's had any luck. Evelyn of course has no interest in entering the world of work, and so Marisol offers to arrange a meeting with a career counselor, but Evelyn then steals her credit card and sneaks out to do some shopping. Marisol, meanwhile, goes to Adrian to try and get him to allow Evelyn to have access to her money, but he refuses to relinquish control, leading Marisol to realize the extent of the cruelty he's been inflicting upon his estranged wife. Evelyn tries paying for clothes with Marisol's credit card only to end up being arrested for fraud, meaning Marisol has to reschedule her meeting with Cece so that she can bail Evelyn out of jail. Evelyn acknowledges just how far she's sunk and considers giving up and just going back to Adrian, but Marisol won't allow this, insisting that they'll figure something out. Finally, she has her meeting with Cece; however, Cece refuses to hire any maids because she doesn't want strangers in her home. Evelyn then talks to her, saying how everyone was gossiping about her dusty mess of a mansion following her last party and, feeling embarrassed, Cece decides that she will hire some maids after all. Marisol is impressed with Evelyn's strategy in landing her a client and, against her better judgment, decides to offer her a job working for the agency.

Zoila 404

Zoila sees that Kyle has returned home from his trip and goes to see him, only for him to be under the impression that their romance fizzled out because they didn't talk for the entire time they were away; he then presents her with a scented candle - a parting gift to commemorate their brief time together - and Zoila, taken aback, tells her now ex-boyfriend that he just made it very easy for her to get over him. She proceeds to have lunch with Frances who points out that there are plenty of other eligible fish in the sea, then trying to set Zoila up with the recently separated Adrian Powell. Fearing that Adrian may recognize her, Zoila tries getting away but just ends up causing a scene, and then, when Adrian helps her to her feet following her falling over, he doesn't recognize her anyway. She informs Carmen and Rosie (who Carmen told about Zoila's new lifestyle) and accuses Adrian of being a racist little troll, for he met her at Genevieve's dozens of time but never took any notice because, back then, she was just "the help". Another dinner with Frances leads to an awkward date with Mr. Powell when Frances invites him to join them and then pretends to be sick so that she can leave, and Zoila confronts Adrian about his racism when he mixes up the waiters Carlos and Santiago. Adrian insists that he's classist as opposed to racist but Zoila sees this as just as reprehensible. However, despite her attitude, she herself ends up mistaking the two waiters, showing just how much of an effect her new lifestyle has had on her. Adrian proceeds to drive her home and walk her to her door, expressing an interest in seeing her again, but Zoila makes clear that the interest isn't mutual; however, he loves a challenge and plants a kiss on her anyway, to her shock. Frances watches from the window of her house and says how she knew those two would hit it off; Kyle watches too, seeming quite disheartened about the whole thing.

Rosie 404
Rosie's mission to free Spence gets harder to endure.

Genevieve has her hair fixed by her new hairdresser, Fabian, and reveals that she's been depressed ever since her housekeeper/best friend, Zoila, left her life. Fabian encourages her to befriend her new maid Rosie, who meanwhile is at the Westmore house after having had zero luck in tracking down Cinnamon. She believes the police should be looking towards Peri's shifty manager Ben, but Jesse points out that he had nothing to gain from Peri's death, unlike Shannon, who uses her late sister's money to go on a shopping spree. Genevieve tries befriending Rosie by inviting her to dinner, but right now Rosie must go and visit Spence in prison, promising to dine with her employer the next night. Spence is very antsy in prison because he fears one of the inmates, Kill Face, wants to shiv him... or worse. Kill Face later approaches Spence in the yard and terrifies him by creepily complimenting his teeth; meanwhile, Rosie has Jesse take Tucker to the park so that she can snoop around Shannon's bedroom, only to have to hide under the bed when Shannon returns home unexpectedly, proceeding to have sex with Ben while unknowingly atop Rosie. Rosie hears Ben mention something called "The Circle", nearly getting caught when her phone goes off because Genevieve is on the other end. Being trapped under the bed means Rosie misses her dinner plans, and Genevieve, who went to a real effort to make things nice for her maid, is crushed. She decides to call someone else over and when Rosie returns home to apologize, Genevieve has already found a new best friend in her "hair magician" Fabian. Spence is once again approached by Kill Face at night and is relieved to learn that he merely wants him to star in the prison play, having been a fan of his work on Love Affairs. Spence is relieved and tells Rosie that everything's fine, at the same time that Genevieve and Fabian continue bonding and he wants to introduce her to her friends, convincing her to read a book entitled Joynetics: Completing the Circle. When Rosie asks Spence about "The Circle", he has an odd reaction and ends up collapsing, meaning his ex-wife has to scream out for help.



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