Terms of Endearment
Devious Maids 3x11
August 10, 2015
1.34 million[1]
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Flash sideways
1.34 million[1]
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"Terms of Endearment" is the 37th episode of Devious Maids.


Rosie makes a big decision after Spence starts asking questions about Ernesto's behavior. Zoila learns a disturbing truth about Dr. Neff and tries to warn Genevieve. Jesse clashes with Marisol over her suspicions about Olivia. Evelyn puts Carmen in charge of disciplining her foster son.


Spence 311
Spence is attacked.

Rosie and Spence are busy preparing cupcakes for Miguel's birthday party, which they're able to host at the Stappord house because Taylor is out of town with Katy. Things get intimate and Rosie and Spence end up sharing a kiss... at which Ernesto shows up to announce his return from Mexico. He goes to lunch with Rosie, curious as to when Katy will be back, before confessing his issue with her spending so much time with Spence. While he confers with Hector about kidnapping Katy (formerly known as Violeta), and comes up with a plan to get Hector into Miguel's birthday party covertly, Rosie meets with Spence at his apartment and tells him that the two of them need to stop seeing each other. He makes clear that Ernesto is right to be worried because he has every intention of winning her back, and he is insistent on coming to Miguel's birthday party because he promised Miguel he'd be there. This makes Rosie uneasy - as does a visit from Olivia at the Stappord house, who is outraged over Taylor having changed her coffee table and Blanca apparently having laundered her dry-clean-only couch covers - and at the party Spence and Ernesto immediately butt heads over the presents they bring. Rosie acknowledges that they both got big ones but orders them to put them away for Miguel's sake, before a clown arrives to entertain the children at the party. In actuality, it's Hector in disguise, and Spence doesn't trust him, what with Ernesto constantly whispering in his ear. When he finds Hector taking photos in Katy's room, he attacks him, and a big fight breaks out in front of the children which ends in the couch being covered in cupcake frosting. This causes Rosie to tell Spence that the two of them definitely cannot be friends any longer, although he maintains that he still intends on winning her back. She assures Ernesto that he doesn't have to worry about Spence anymore, and as the two of them remove the couch covers to be dry-cleaned (per Olivia's insistence), they discover blood on the cushion beneath that someone has tried very hard to clean up: Blanca. Meanwhile, Hector goes to Spence at his apartment and punches him unconscious, proceeding to lock the door behind himself...

311 02
Carmen has room in her heart for children after all.

Carmen wakes up to find Deion going through her private things and tries complaining to Evelyn, whose only affirmative action is taking the boy to Disneyland. When they return, Carmen demands that Evelyn punish him properly, and while Evelyn concedes that she doesn't want her new son to grow up without a healthy fear of authority, she herself doesn't want to be the one to have to inflict the discipline, and so she leaves that up to Carmen. As such, later, when Deion shoots the maid in the butt with a toy gun, she punishes him by having him do her chores. Evelyn is shocked to find him doing the housework that she pays Carmen to do, and so she docks her pay, to Carmen's anger. She storms over to Marisol's place and demands that she fix the situation, but Marisol simply explains to Carmen why Evelyn has such a hard time disciplining children - because of her son Barrett, who died young. Carmen confronts Evelyn about this after the latter hears Deion curse at a videogame and wants her maid to punish him for it; Carmen says that discipline won't mean anything unless it comes from Evelyn, and Evelyn reveals her woes of having punished Barrett very soon before his death, which is why it's hard for her to have to do it now with Deion. Carmen points out that if she wants to be a parent then she has to be open to all that entails, and so Evelyn has Deion apologize to Carmen for all he's done for her. Carmen finds this precious and Evelyn starts to believe that perhaps the former has a spot in her heart for children after all - it is then that we learn that, at some point in her life, Carmen had a baby.

Olivia 311
Olivia snaps.

Marisol has Michael over to discuss the fact that Olivia said the two of them were seeing each other again, which Michael confirms is true. Marisol grows very candid in her disapproval of the relationship, thinking that Olivia had something to do with Blanca's death, but Michael tells her that one day she's going to regret saying these things. She tries going to Olivia's house to snoop, but she is found by Jesse, who tells her that Olivia can't have murdered Blanca because she has cancer, meaning she's been too busy fighting for her own life. Marisol relays this to the girls, suspecting that Olivia is probably milking this cancer thing for everything's it's worth, and indeed she's seen using it to get decent lunch reservations. She meets with Michael and requests that he move in with her and, feeling sorry for his ex-wife, he accepts the offer. Olivia returns home to Jesse and tells him to prepare for Michael moving in, at which point he discovers a burger wrapper in her trashcan. Remembering that when his own father went through chemo he didn't have an appetite, Jesse goes snooping through Olivia's things and finds conclusive proof that she is faking cancer. He shows this to Marisol who then phones Michael with the truth; this causes him to leave Olivia and, with her seeming very upset, Jesse decides to follow her to where she goes next. As it turns out, she's headed to Marisol's place... with a knife. She attempts to kill Marisol for ratting her out, and in the process reveals that she hired someone to seduce Taylor so that the Stappords' marriage would be wrecked, though she has no idea what happened to Blanca. As she's about to stab Marisol, Jesse dives in the way, and Marisol is able to concuss the crazy old woman and have her hauled away under a psych evaluation. Jesse, in hospital, concludes that he came to Beverly Hills looking for a quiet life but since arriving he's had anything but; as such, he's going home to Seattle to be near his family.

Zoila 311
Genevieve chooses Neff over Zoila.

Zoila is busy feasting on a large breakfast of fried chicken when Joy approaches her and asks to borrow $100, explaining that Dr. Neff's check bounced because he's broke and he's using Genevieve for her money. Zoila discusses this with the girls, wanting to stay out of it, but they agree that they'd like to know if they were dating a leech. When it looks like Neff is about to propose to Genevieve, Zoila runs into the room to interrupt, making up the excuse that she's going into labor. The three of them - she, Neff and Genevieve - go to the hospital where Zoila admits to her boss that she's faking, then telling her about Neff's financial situation. Genevieve fears that the rumor might be true and, when Neff proposes again, she confronts him about it. He tells her that the reason he's low on funds right now is because he just made a large donation to the hospital and had to move some things around - but he's still rich. This is a great comfort to Genevieve, though he wonders who told her this lie in the first place. He assumes it was Zoila and, as such, demands that Genevieve make a choice between him and her maid, considering the latter is constantly trying to undermine their relationship. Genevieve ends up making the wrong choice and fires Zoila in favor of her new fiancé.



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