The Awful Truth
Devious Maids 3x03
June 15, 2015
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Flash sideways
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"The Awful Truth" is the 29th episode of Devious Maids.


As Zoila and Javier prepare to get married, Genevieve insists that Zoila listen to her advice. Spence goes behind Rosie's back to try to protect her. Marisol debates making a new hire for one of her pickiest clients. Carmen begins a new job. Blanca starts to suspect Taylor is hiding a lot more than she thought.


Spence 303
Spence tries convincing Ernesto to back off.

Rosie is now gone from the hospital, meaning Ernesto displays some incredibly poor timing when he shows up looking for her. He tries asking Jerry about her whereabouts, prompting Jerry to interrupt the romance currently brewing between Rosie and Spence by phoning the latter. He tells him that someone named Ernesto is looking for Rosie, but Spence, knowing this to be the name of his wife's late husband, thinks it's some kind of sick joke. When he hangs up, Rosie wonders what's wrong, but Spence assures her that everything's perfect. Later, Spence looks through Rosie's memory box at some old photos of she and Ernesto, claiming he was looking for cuff links, and he makes sure to confirm that the man in the pictures is indeed her first husband. He wonders if she knew a lot of "Ernesto"s back in Mexico, but she reveals that she knew only the one, then going on to recall the day he died: she was making dinner when the police knocked on the door to tell her that he had been murdered by a drug cartel. Spence acknowledges that it must have been hard to bury him, but Rosie tells him that that was the worst part - she couldn't bury him because his body was never found. This begins to make Spence worry that the man who visited Jerry really was Rosie's supposedly dead husband, and so he proceeds to go to the hospital and show Jerry the photographs of Ernesto in order to find out if it was definitely him. According to Jerry, it was, and a panicked Spence manages to arrange a meeting with his predecessor. Ernesto is only interested in seeing Rosie, but Spence needs to know a few things before reintroducing them, like how Ernesto isn't dead. Ernesto explains that he was a prisoner of the cartel for five years and adds that his only wish now is to see Rosie and Miguel, but Spence refuses to allow this to happen because he believes Rosie to be in a very fragile state following her coma, and the shock of seeing him could send her right back to the hospital. Ernesto realizes that Spence is afraid Rosie will leave him, but Spence says he is protecting her; Ernesto assures that he would never hurt Rosie, to which Spence says that if that's true then he'll stay away, at least for now. However, when Spence leaves, Ernesto begins to discretely follow him in his car, intent on seeing his wife.

303 02
Dress shopping with the girls.

Zoila and Javier request that Genevieve be the witness at their wedding, with the two of them planning to elope since Valentina and Remi are already settled in New York and there's no real point to having a big, lavish ceremony. However, Genevieve insists that they have to make a big deal of the union, and offers to throw them an nice and expensive wedding at her house, as her gift to them. Zoila proceeds to go shopping for bridal gowns along with the rest of the girls and finally finds a dress she likes. While there, Blanca, who tells Marisol that she went back to working for Taylor, bemoans that she has no nice gown to wear to the event and so Carmen offers to lend her one of her own; at the same time, Rosie is helping Zoila with the dress and realizes that she's a couple more months pregnant than she said she is, then figuring out that she lied because she didn't want Javier to figure out that Pablo is really the father. She tells her friend that she's playing with fire but Zoila insists that it's what's better for everyone, with Rosie asking her who she's really trying to convince: her or herself. Genevieve is later sampling the food of some fancy caterer she's hired and goes on to introduce Zoila to the chef, Joelle, who she reveals used to work as Javier's sous chef, meaning they know he'll approve of her food. However, when Joelle hears this, she implores them to hire someone else, revealing that she's Javier's ex-wife. Zoila has been told by Javier that he's never been married and so, after Joelle leaves, Genevieve points out that the two of them are now even on the secret-keeping front. So long as Javier never tells her he was once married, it's okay for her to pass Pablo's baby off as his, which Zoila thinks is sick and twisted... but also sort of genius.

Taylor 303
Taylor has a problem...

Blanca is awoken by one of Katy's screams in the middle of the night and, after Taylor is done comforting her daughter, Blanca shows her employer the paintings that Katy did of a man bleeding out and such. She finds it very disturbing and has Taylor promise to show them to Michael, though the standoffish nature of her speech makes the maid more than a little suspicious. Blanca is later taking out the Stappords' trash, only to discover that Taylor has thrown the paintings away, apparently not wanting to deal with them. Angry over this, Blanca decides to take them to Katy and question her on what they mean. She doesn't answer the majority of Blanca's questions, but, when Blanca asks her who the bleeding man is, Katy eventually replies, "That's my daddy." This causes Blanca to believe that Katy killed Michael, who isn't really on a business trip, and Taylor is covering up for her. She confronts Taylor about this, only to be embarrassed when Taylor reveals that Michael is indeed alive and well and, in fact, he's now home. Blanca soon attempts to inform Michael on what went on while he was away, but Taylor interrupts the two of them, proceeding to say that she wants to go out to dinner tonight with Michael and Katy; a family outing. She then takes her phone out when in private and tells whoever's on the other end that they have a problem.

Jesse 303
A new kind of maid is hired.

Marisol is summoned to Gail's house, having set her up with Lina, yet another maid she's unhappy with; this time, because she's too chatty. Lina later cries to Marisol at her house after being fired, claiming that Gail is the devil, and Marisol agrees before going on to interview more maids for her business. One such maid is a man named Jesse, whom Marisol believes is trying to make some sort of mockery of her business, not understanding why a man would ever want to be a maid. He points out the sexism behind her point of view which leads to her kicking him out due to his rudeness; wanting a job though, Jesse approaches Lina and requests Gail's address. Marisol later phones Gail to tell her she might have another maid for her, but Gail says that he's already arrived at her house. Marisol is confused about this, then learning that Gail's new maid is in fact Jesse, and so she storms over there to get him out, not wanting him to represent her business. However, Gail soon reveals that Jesse is the perfect maid, to Marisol's surprise. Marisol still wants to have him fired, but Gail says that if Marisol had screwed up one more time then she would have badmouthed her business all over time, meaning Marisol just leaves it. Back at her house, she gives Jesse a check for his services but tells him that her agency shan't be supporting him after the stunt he pulled, for she doesn't trust him. She admits to being an unfair sexist and is eventually forced to eat her words and admit just how wrong she is when Jesse reveals that he used to be in the military, where he had to suffer through his comrades dying in Afghanistan. He was hoping to find a nice quiet job in Beverly Hills, but Marisol seems intent on ruining that for him. She soon apologizes and decides to give him a second chance; he points out that she never even gave him a first chance, leading her to ask if that's any way to talk to his new boss.

Adrian 303
Adrian finds a new "mistress".

Carmen is now working as the Powells' maid and is busy cleaning their mansion when Sebastien calls her wanting to make up. She brushes him off when Evelyn approaches, with her believing that she and her new maid are going to have a sparkling repartee, and the two of them proceed to exit the house where Carmen is introduced to her other new employer, Adrian. He is told that Carmen is undergoing a trial period until such a time that she proves herself fit to be their maid, and then they are interrupted by a tour bus which announces the location as the "Powell Murder House", saying that it's seen not one, not two, but three gruesome deaths. Evelyn exclaims that it's only seen two gruesome deaths, for a leg is not a body, and this whole scandal forces her to decide that they are going to sell this house. Adrian later tries goading his wife into engaging in some "light torture play" with him, but she refuses. They hire a realtor, and Carmen is shocked to discover that it's none other than Sebastien; he thinks it's a sign that they've been brought together in such a way, but all Carmen thinks it means is that he's desperate enough to clean a murder house and she's desperate enough to clean one. Sebastien is skilled enough, however, to be able to seduce his ex-girlfriend, and the two of them are in the middle of having sex when Evelyn and Adrian return home from their dinner date. Evelyn is raging over the fact that the maitre d' obviously knew about the leg, proceeding to go to bed while Adrian grabs a night cap, but this means that Carmen, who's now hastily dressing herself in the room that he's trying to enter, has to slam her new employer's fingers in the door just to stop him from catching she and Sebastien. She thinks she's going to be fired, but Adrian very much enjoyed the pain she inflicted, and instead he declares that her trial period is over. To Carmen's confusion, he then starts treating the maid like a "mistress", asking her permission before he does things; clearly his venture into S&M is far from over.

Rosie 303
Rosie is shocked to see her supposedly dead husband.

The maids later show up at the Delatour mansion to attend Zoila's wedding, with Blanca looking very beautiful in Carmen's dress, as well as a very beautiful necklace that belonged to her now deceased mother. Genevieve briefly tries talking to her employee's friends who promptly decide to go and sign the guest book, while Blanca begins telling Carmen that she thinks something bad is going on at the Stappord house. Carmen would like to hear about later and, at the same time, Zoila prepares herself for her big moment. However, she is visited by Javier who claims he has a confession to make; knowing that he's about to admit to her that he was once married before, Zoila tries her best to convince him to keep his mouth shut, only for him to end up admitting it anyway, adding to the guilt Zoila already feels regarding the secret she's keeping from the man who is about to become her husband. Spence then arrives at the wedding, having told Rosie that he was at some audition, and the guests proceed to take their seats for the ceremony. Zoila begins to worry that she can't go through with it, but Genevieve reassures her before she finally walks down the aisle. When she makes it to the end, though, Ernesto crashes the ceremony, having followed Spence. Rosie sees him and immediately faints, to Spence's anger and worry.

Zoila 303
Javier can no longer trust Zoila, leaving her at the altar.

While Rosie recuperates with her current husband, her formerly dead one speaks with her friends. He really wants to see Rosie, but, like Spence, they believe she's already been through enough and don't think it would be a good idea for him to see her right now. They suggest that he could leave his number with them so that he can contact them as a means of reaching out to his wife at a later date, and so he puts his contact details into Marisol's phone, eventually leaving after making sure the bride knows how sorry he is for interrupting her wedding ceremony. Rosie grows very angry at Spence, meanwhile, for not having told her that Ernesto was back, believing that he should have shared the truth with her the minute he found out. Zoila goes to check on them, wanting to get the ceremony back on the road (or rather, down the aisle) and hears her friend yelling at Spence for lying to her, asking how he could lie to someone he loves. This makes Zoila reflect upon her own lie and then, before she and Javi prepare once again to get married, she ends up telling him that the baby she's pregnant with is Pablo's and not his, and she's known for a while. This destroys Javier, who decides that he can never trust her again and walks out, to Zoila's utter devastation. Genevieve finds her crying maid and, realizing what's happened, she comforts her.

Blanca 303
Blanca is kidnapped.

With the ceremony having been aborted, everybody returns home, meaning that Blanca, still in Carmen's dress, arrives back at the Stappord house only to discover it's empty, with Taylor having taken her family out to dinner. She tries calling out for her employers to see if anyone's home, but she receives no answer, despite sensing the presence of someone or something else being in the house with her. As she moves deeper into the abandoned home, she hears the creak of a door and begins to worry, once again asking if someone is there. It is then that, suddenly, a man in a mask dashes out and pulls a bag over the poor maid's head. She screams as a struggle ensues, meaning that her beloved necklace falls broken from her neck as this mysterious assailant starts dragging her away. Her cries are muffled, with no one having any hope of knowing what happened as her attacker vacates the Stappord house along with her; all that is left behind in the way of evidence is her broken necklace, resting on the floor as the struggle continues in the shadows: a leftover indicator of the maid's kidnapping.



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