The Maid Who Knew Too Much
Devious Maids 4x06
July 11, 2016
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1.03 million[1]
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"The Maid Who Knew Too Much" is the 45th episode of Devious Maids.


Rosie turns to Genevieve to help investigate Peri’s murder, yet the closer she gets to the truth, the deadlier the consequences. Marisol butts heads with the new director of her movie. Carmen pretends to be Danni at a music video audition. Kyle is finally forced to choose between Zoila and his mother. Evelyn begins dating a new man, much to Adrian’s dismay.


Zoila 406
Zoila gets caught on purpose.

Zoila and Kyle make love at his place for a change, though she is confused as to why they're still keeping things a secret from Frances. The need to keep this secret goes to ridiculous lengths when Frances returns home early from her trip, wanting to talk to her son about Ben, and Zoila is forced to climb out the window and onto the ledge, which she ends up falling from. She tells the girls, and Rosie suggests that she could make Frances find out by accident, which Zoila doesn't think is the worst idea. She later invites Adrian over, saying that the two of them are now friends, and requests that he make lunch plans with Frances only to then swiftly cancel so that she can catch Kyle and her in the act. Adrian loves the idea and agrees to help, though he is confused as to why Kyle would fear Frances. Later, Adrian carries out the plan and cancels on Frances at the last minute, meaning she returns home to discover Zoila in bed with her son. Zoila is certain that Frances won't really care that she and Kyle are seeing one another again, but suddenly the old woman turns cold and makes clear that Zoila is no longer welcome in her house. Kyle tries defending his mother to Zoila but she tells him that if he cannot stand up to her then the two of them are over, to Kyle's fear. As such, he proceeds to tell his mother to "go to hell" when she argues that Zoila is changing his personality and luring him away from she and The Circle; Zoila is happy to hear that Kyle "broke up" with his mother, though less happy to hear that he wants to move in with her because he has nowhere else to go.

406 02
Carmen tries to prove how youthful she is.

Carmen is approached by Adrian who gives her a day off to celebrate her birthday, but she refuses to celebrate because she's turning 40 and cannot come to terms with it, with Adrian believing that the real reason she's freaking out is because she's reaching this grand milestone while having let her one and only real accomplishment - Danni - walk out the door. The phone then rings and a man named Justin is on the other end, wanting to get in touch with Daniela because she has an audition to be a dancer in a B.T. Chill music video. Excited by this opportunity, Carmen decides that she herself will go to the audition in Danni's place, proceeding to tell this to the girls. They doubt she'll be able to pass for a 20-year-old, and Carmen starts to believe that they might be right when Doug, the barista who is in love with her and constantly gives her free stuff, makes her pay for her coffee. When she shows up at the audition, she is initially dismissed by Justin and the others, but she insists that she came there to dance and that's what she's going to do. She is a little intimidated by the younger dancers who have come for the audition, such as Lucy, but manages to dance even better than them, being picked over Lucy when the two of them are selected to dance alongside one another. However, Carmen proceeds to throw her back out while gloating, causing Justin to decide that maybe they've seen enough of her after all. She is heartbroken and proceeds to the coffee place where Doug again tries to make her pay for her drink, and she bursts out crying, complaining that she's old and that her life is falling apart. He reveals that the reason he hasn't been giving her free stuff of late is because the boss installed a security camera to ensure that he wouldn't, and he assures her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world to him. Because of this, Carmen has sex with him, to the shock of them both.

406 03
Evelyn moves on from Adrian with James Hamilton.

Evelyn goes to the salon to gussy herself up for her date with the Reverend, James Hamilton, and Gail is surprised to hear that she's putting herself back out there - though she certainly seems interested in the prospect of Adrian also being back on the market. While on her date, Evelyn complains about all that Adrian has done to her, including stealing her money, and Hamilton has great sympathy; she enjoys his sense of humor, which surprises her because she thought he'd be a bit "goody-goody", but he assures her that he is no saint. However, a woman named Laverne then approaches them with her crutch-bound son Timmy, with Hamilton having raised money for the latter's operation, and Evelyn is taken aback by just how much of a good person he truly is. Gail, meanwhile, aggressively attempts to seduce Adrian, who isn't interested in her because he still has hope that Evelyn will return to him. Due to this, Gail makes clear that Evelyn is now out of the picture, revealing that she's now dating Reverend Hamilton. Wanting to better herself for this man, Evelyn takes to reading the Bible, telling Marisol about how great her new boyfriend is while, at the same time, Adrian meets with said boyfriend and offers him a large check in exchange for him breaking up with Evelyn, pointing out that the Christian thing to d would be to accept his terms because that means being able to help people. He and Evelyn have another date where he explains what Adrian confronted her with and proceeds to give her the check, pointing out that it wasn't Adrian's money to give because he stole it from his wife. He encourages her to use it to hire a divorce lawyer and free herself of this man and, when she points out how immoral it is to be lying to her husband, he reminds her that he's no saint.

406 04
Peter makes a big mistake.

Marisol meets with Hugh Metzger and Trey to discuss the outline she wrote for her film, and she grows unhappy with the changes they insist on making such as changing the setting to that of Miami or introducing a "maid locker room" sequence. She goes to Peter with her concerns after he tells her that they said she was being difficult, and he assures that he will have her back if they try to make a change that's too drastic for her to handle. When another meeting is held, Hugh and Trey insult the lead character of Maria - based on Marisol - which Marisol finds hard to not take personally, especially when they say that no woman would do what she did and come up with the idea that she's actually a man in disguise. The three of them go on to meet with Peter who sides with Marisol as promised, but then Hugh states that he is unhappy with the choice of screenwriter and wants a change. Marisol is very insulted, though she likes the idea of getting a new director; however, Peter chooses Hugh over her because he makes the studio millions and he wouldn't be able to explain himself to the shareholders if he chose any differently. He tries amending things with his girlfriend before heading to New York but she points out that resolving this argument will take a long time, requesting that he stay. He can't do that, for apparently his work takes priority over her, and so she decides that it's good that he's going because she needs the time alone to think about things between them.

Genevieve 406
Genevieve is initiated into The Circle.

Rosie is with Spence's thoughts as he returns to prison and is told by Kill Face that h still has to perform the play for family day, with Spence growing happy to discover that he's allowed to invite guests. Rosie, meanwhile, summons Fabian to the Westmore house in an attempt to join "The Circle", though he refuses to have her because she isn't rich or famous, telling her that the people who join include the likes of Peri Westmore. Rosie relays this to Spence when he calls to invite she and Tucker to family day, though he had no idea his ex-wife was in a cult, and she proceeds to have Genevieve try and join them so that she can help her learn the truth behind Peri's murder. Frances worries about the fact that Rosie is going around investigating and requests that Ben stop her, not wanting him to disappoint her again, while later Genevieve tells Fabian that she read his book and wants to join The Circle. He is excited by this, though first he has to film her doing a lie detector test as a part of the initiation, and Genevieve later tells Rosie that the test practically broke her.

Benjamin 406
Ben is killed by his "mother".

Rosie realizes that there must be a recording somewhere of Peri doing the same test, meaning her secrets were on video, and Genevieve's video is subsequently given to Frances, who is very happy to have her as a new member. Rosie tells Spence about the potential Peri video after seeing his play, but he doesn't want to talk about the murder right now, nor does she want her to give Tucker false hope that he'll get out of prison. However, Rosie remains determined to clear his name, and it is because of this determination that, on the way home, Ben rams his car into hers. Jesse proceeds to visit she and Tucker in the hospital, clarifying that they're both okay, and Rosie realizes that the crash was a message from The Circle telling her to stop what she's doing... meaning she must be close to the truth. Meanwhile, Ben tells Frances that Rosie shouldn't be investigating any longer, but Frances remains disappointed in him for endangering Tucker Westmore, who she claims is the key to everything. As such, she slips him poison and watches as he dies in her church.



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