The Talk of the Town
Devious Maids 3x05
June 29, 2015
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"The Talk of the Town" is the 31st episode of Devious Maids.


Zoila discovers a secret from Genevieve's past. Rosie struggles having both Ernesto and Spence in her life. Marisol tries to fight her attraction toward Jesse. Carmen is outsmarted by Adrian. Taylor reaches her breaking point.


Genevieve 305
Genevieve is questioned by the police.

Zoila greets Michael Stappord into the home of Genevieve Delatour, so that he may defend her against Detective Figueroa, who has arrived to ask some questions about the murder of Louie Becker. Genevieve, to avoid answering the detective, has locked herself in the bathroom awaiting the arrival of her lawyer, but Michael is here now, and so the questioning commences. Zoila is shocked to discover that her lawyer had an affair with Louie, with Genevieve also mentioning how Evelyn Powell was always flirting with him, and Genevieve ends up storming away when Figueroa presses for an answer about how the relationship ended, raging about her detest for the deceased. She can't have killed him anyway because she has an alibi, having attended Marisol's book party. Zoila later gets Genevieve to admit what happened, with the old woman explaining how she and Louie made a sex tape where she performed a difficult sex move known as the "blooming orchid"; Louie then showed it to all his friends and, if word got out, Genevieve would be mortified. Thanks to Genevieve, Evelyn is summoned to the police station and soon realizes exactly who stitched her up; later, Zoila calls Carmen to ask about the blooming orchid, at which point Evelyn storms up to Carmen with a shirt ruined by the maid's ironing and she asks why she shouldn't fire her right now. Carmen replies that Genevieve Delatour made a sex tape, which Evelyn finds just delightful, proceeding to go to Louie's coworker J'Abulani so that she can get her hands on the tape. While Genevieve is having lunch with Dr. Neff, turning down his invitation to Greece due to Zoila, Evelyn approaches her and emails the sex tape to every single member of the club, meaning Genevieve is humiliated. Evelyn tells her that her maid as a big mouth and, not seeing the point of withholding information any longer, Genevieve goes down to the station and tells the police everything. She then rages at Zoila for breaching "maid-employer confidentiality" and Zoila is very sorry, though it still leads to a big fight regarding bigger things such as Genevieve's terrible advice about how Zoila should handle the situation with Javier. Eventually, Genevieve can't stand to be in the same room with Zoila and decides to go to Greece with Christopher after all, with him not caring about her past, having seen the sex tape, for he's only interested in their future together.

Carmen 305
Carmen is blackmailed by her employer.

Marisol is uncomfortable with Jesse going through her delicates since she appears to have developed a crush on him. Carmen, meanwhile, is busy texting Sebastien when she's supposed to be abusing Adrian; Sebastien is very happy that she's endeavoring into sadomasochistic play with another man. He eventually gets her to spank him by insulting her mystery married lover but, later, when Marisol comes to see Evelyn and check up on how Carmen is doing, she ventures to the pool house and finds her friend in a leather jumpsuit whipping her employer like he's a "bad cocker spaniel". She summons Carmen to her house, where Carmen is extremely happy with the view of her friend's new male maid, and proceeds to confront her about her activities with Adrian. Carmen reveals how she was mad at Sebastien and bribed into it even though she knows it's wrong but Marisol tells her to stop on the grounds that employers and employees should have boundaries. Carmen tells Marisol that she's one to talk since she hired the hunk that is Jesse, and eventually Marisol ends up admitting how attractive she thinks he is, even going as far as to say that she has to remind herself not to stare at his chest. Unfortunately, he is tending to the air vent like she earlier requested, meaning he heard everything, to Marisol's humiliation. The situation with Jesse is discussed by the girls at lunch, with each of them offering their opinion on the matter and Marisol refusing to listen to a word they say, especially when they suggest she try the "wrong guy" for once in her life since she's done nothing but choose the "right guy" and it's always blown up in her face. Adrian meets with Sebastien about finding a room with a sex dungeon, not knowing how much he's enraging him, and Carmen proceeds to meet with her lover and tell him that she's decided to stop doing S&M, to his joy. But, when they kiss, Adrian sees them. While Marisol rectifies the situation with Jesse, learning that he thinks she's sexy too, Adrian blackmails his maid into continuing with their sessions, threatening to tell all about the affair should she stop. He even makes "blackmail" their new safe word.

Rosie 305
Rosie realizes her marriage to Spence is a sin.

Rosie and Spence help Ernesto move into his new apartment, bringing in boxes, mostly furniture lent to Ernesto by Spence. However, tensions rise when Ernesto insults the size of Spence's chairs, and when Spence defends Miguel when Ernesto gets upset over him swearing. He also learns that Rosie hasn't been taking Miguel to church lately, and so Ernesto agrees to take him that upcoming Sunday. Privately, Rosie tells Spence that it was inappropriate of him to criticize Ernesto in front of Miguel, and Spence reveals that Ernesto is getting in the way of his bonding time with Miguel since every Sunday since Rosie has been in a coma he has taken Miguel to the park to play basketball. Later on, Rosie stops by Ernesto's apartment and clears things up about church. Ernesto agrees to take him Saturday night instead, and Rosie tries to ignore her conflicting feelings for both husbands, especially since Ernesto is in nothing but a towel. That night, Rosie has a sexual dream about Ernesto where the two make love while Spence takes Miguel to see a movie. She wakes up though, now feeling extremely guilty. Rosie attends the confessional at her church, fearing that she has been sinning, due to her dreaming about cheating on her husband. She tells Father Al her story, and though he confirms that her dreams about Ernesto are not a sin, her being with Spence is, seeing as how her first husband never died which means her marriage to Spence is invalid in the eyes of the Lord. That evening, Spence attempts to make love to Rosie, but, fearing what she was told by Father Al, she avoids him, instead going to sleep on the couch and claiming to be sick.

Taylor 305
Katy causes her mother to overdose.

Taylor turns off the report about Louie Becker when she sees Michael watching it, making the excuse that she doesn't want Katy accidentally listening to such an awful story. Her husband reveals that he was with Genevieve earlier because she's a person of interest in the case, though he has no doubt she's innocent in the whole charade. He tries asking Taylor what she remembers about the night in question, but she insists that it was quiet, despite this being the night that Blanca was supposed to move in. She claims not to really remember and Michael asks if she's heard from Blanca since she moved back home; Taylor tells him that she has not and that she'd rather not discuss Blanca anymore because she wasn't a good fit for them and she'd just like to forget about her. Katy later sees her mother taking some prescription pills and asks if she's sick, but Taylor explains that these pills are specifically for grown-ups to make them happy when they're feeling sad, like her. Michael goes to Marisol, wanting to get into contact with Blanca to find out what happened to her, but everything points to Blanca being missing, and so Michael confronts Taylor about it, having discovered that his wife was giving their maid extra money and thinking that it was to keep her quiet. He knows she knows something about Louie's murder because he hired him to spy on her on the night that he died. He flash back to the night of the party and see Michael telling Louie that "tonight's the night" he thinks Taylor is going to have her lover over, for she cannot wait to have him out of the house. And then Louie turned up dead. Taylor refuses to divulge a single thing, causing Michael to storm out to his hotel until an unknown point in time. Taylor phones a certain someone about what he did to Blanca, having a glass of wine at the same time she is taking her pills. Katy sees how upset her mother is and, knowing the pills are designed to make adults happy, she slips more than a few extra into Taylor's glass. This causes Taylor to overdose and Marisol discovers her passed out on the couch, getting her friend to a hospital just in the nick of time.


  • Shooting for "The Talk of the Town" and "She Done Him Wrong" began on April 1, 2015 and ended on April 22, 2015.[2][3]
  • The original title for the "Blooming Orchid", the sex position Genevieve is in during her tape with Louie Becker, was originally called the "Happy Panda". This was changed, however, when one of the writers find out that it's a real sex position where a woman gets punched in the face to make two black eyes. [4]


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