The Turning Point
Devious Maids 3x07
July 13, 2015
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"The Turning Point" is the 33rd episode of Devious Maids.


Marisol struggles with Jesse being both her boyfriend and her employee. Zoila concocts a scheme to get her annoying sister to end her visit. Evelyn pursues her dream of adopting a child. Carmen's singing career finally gains traction. Rosie is suspicious of the Stappord's story about Katy.


Zoila 307
Zoila gets her sister thrown out.

Zoila, still on crutches after her accident, returns home to find her sister Reina making out with a delivery man, finding this typical. Unable to stand her sister for much longer, Zoila calls Genevieve's hotel in Greece and requests to get into contact for her, ordering that she return home immediately because it's an emergency. Genevieve soon returns and Zoila makes her injury out to be a lot worse than it actually is, so as to gain her employer's sympathies. Genevieve then comes to realize that Reina is staying with them, confused as to why she had to fly halfway around the world when Zoila's sister is already taking care of her, and Zoila tells her that she's been more of a sister to her than Reina has ever been and she'd much rather have her around. Genevieve is touched and, when Zoila continues to feign her pain, she offers to throw Reina out when her maid requests it, telling her that she can just rest and not have to worry about a thing. However, Reina manipulates Genevieve when the latter takes her out to lunch in a polite attempt to ask her to leave; she says how Zoila has been pulling her strings and mentions how cruel she's acting considering that, with the divorce she's currently going through, Reina has nowhere else to go. Genevieve takes pity on her and eventually says that Zoila doesn't get to decide everything, and she hires Reina to be her new personal shopper. Zoila is shocked to learn this when her employer and her sister return, trying to confront Genevieve about it, but Genevieve won't have it, knowing Zoila to be just as manipulative as she claims Reina to be and pointing out that Zoila always said Reina was the bad sister... but maybe it's actually the other way around. Unable to handle this, Zoila decides to take Genevieve out for an apology dinner, making clear to Reina that the two of them will be gone for a long time. Just as predicted, when they return home, Reina is in the middle of romancing some naked man while wearing Genevieve's fur. Genevieve promptly fires her and forgives Zoila (for everything) and Reina, realizing she's been set up, tells her sister that it; she's never going to see her again. However, Zoila points out that that's what she says every time.

Rosie 307
Katy gives Rosie a peculiar gift.

Rosie visits Ernesto at his apartment in order to inform him that she left Spence. He invites she and Miguel to live with him, but she has already found a new job as a live-in maid, and if she is going to start seeing Ernesto again then they need to take things slow in order to figure out whether or not they've changed since they parted ways. She agrees to go out on a date with him, before proceeding to her job at the Stappords' tending to Katy. She feels as though the little girl looks bored and so she tries playing a game with her, which involves hand movements and an accompanying song in Spanish. Rosie is surprised that Katy knows all the words considering it's a Mexican game and Katy is supposed to be from Argentina, but Rosie bringing this up makes Katy suddenly want to stop playing. At lunch, Rosie tries convincing the girls that the Stappords are hiding the fact that their daughter is really from Mexico, but they brush it off, particularly Marisol who doesn't want to believe that her friend could have some awful secret. Rosie doesn't like that they're treating her like she's stupid but Carmen says that that's her thing, naming Rosie as "the dumb one", herself as "the hot one", Zoila as "the mean one" and Marisol as "the other one", to her friends' offense. Rosie proceeds to her date with Ernesto where she asks if he thinks she's dumb like her friends do, but he assures that of course he doesn't because he would not marry a stupid woman. He says that she sees things others don't because she cares more than anyone else, and Rosie is touched by this. She proceeds to sleep with Ernesto, claiming that her wanting to take things slow was stupid, before returning to Katy with a gift: a mango lollipop, found exclusively in Mexico. Katy has had them before, which proves she isn't from where her parents say she's from. Rosie assures the little girl that she's very good at keeping secrets, at which Katy gives her a present in return - Blanca's necklace. Apparently she found it in the hall, and Rosie doesn't understand why her friend would have left something so important to her behind.

Marisol 307
Jesse is fired so as to make he and Marisol equals.

Marisol and Jesse are kissing in bed after a whole night of sex and she points out that he has to go downstairs sometime or else the house won't get clean, but he points out that if she stays upstairs then the house doesn't get dirty. He wonders if she'd like to meet back there tonight but she is going to some charity fundraiser that she was supposed to be attending with Zoila, but, now that Zoila is injured, she's going to have to go alone. Jesse offers to go with her, to her surprise, and he makes clear that he's not like most guys his age in that he's not interested in casual sex; he's searching for something more. That night, they attend the fundraiser and run into Gail Fleming, who appears surprised that the two of them are now an item. Her friend Sandra seems interested in the man Marisol has brought with her and Gail tells Sandra that that's her maid, though obviously she isn't paying him to clean. Sandra then goes to Marisol in an attempt to hire a male prostitute for herself, thinking Marisol is a madam, but after a long and convoluted interaction filled with confusing metaphors, Marisol realizes what her client is after and assures her that she runs a legitimate placement agency for maids. She then summons Gail to her house and demands to know why she told Sandra she was selling sex, but Gail says she didn't; she said she was buying sex. She points out that so long as Marisol holds the purse strings then she and Jesse are not equals, and Marisol realizes her point; as such, she fires Jesse, because, like him, she wants this to be more than just sex and is really interested to see where their relationship could go.

Evelyn 307
Evelyn tries to adopt Zoila's baby... for a fee.

Evelyn meets with Lorraine Porter at an adoption agency, following her declaration that she wants to have a child. She expects to be able to leave with her new child by the end of the day, but Lorraine, who refuses to acknowledge the leaking in the office ceiling, explains to her that the whole process of adoption could take up to a year, to Evelyn's worry. Evelyn later phones Sebastien to tell him to find a house that's more child-friendly and Carmen, who overhears this, panics that she may soon have to be cleaning up after some kid; as such, she tries assuring Evelyn that having children past a certain age can ruin a woman's life, using her friend Zoila as an example because she's recently fallen pregnant and she couldn't be more miserable. Knowing Zoila to be Genevieve's maid, Evelyn decides to pay her a visit and offers her presents and cash in exchange for her baby. Zoila is shocked that Evelyn would want to buy her baby, but Evelyn clarifies that she merely wants to adopt her baby... for a fee. However, Zoila refuses on the grounds that what Evelyn is asking is horrible, if weirdly flattering, but if she's hoping to prey on people in her condition then she's going to have to find someone a lot more desperate. As such, Evelyn takes away the cashmere baby blanket she was going to give Zoila as a present, and later she returns to the adoption agency. She writes Lorraine a big fat check for her to use to fix the plumbing or at her own personal discretion - however she sees fit - and all she'd have to do is move her file from the bottom of the pile to the top. Persuaded by the large sum Evelyn is willing to offer, Lorraine abides by her will and speeds up the process of adoption, to Evelyn's delight.

Carmen 307
Carmen meets with Sebastien's wife, Jacklyn.

Carmen is busy rehearsing for a show she's performing later when Sebastien arrives to applaud her; he can't stay long because he has plans with his wife Jacklyn, and due to Carmen's annoyance he reminds her that he has a plan to get rid of her. She begins to believe that there is no plan but he assures her of its existence, believing it to be great. Carmen later proceeds to do her show and is unhappy with the dead audience. She tries complaning while a man, Rick Hanson, tries repeatedly to get her attention. When finally she asks him what he wants, he reveals that he's a talent scout and that he wants to make her a star, to her elation, He works for Needledrop Music and sets up a meeting for her, to her even further elation. When Carmen has her meeting, she is introduced to Needledrop's president, who is new to the company but has been in the business forever: it's none other than Sebastien's wife Jacklyn Dussault! This makes her incredibly ill-at-ease and later she meets with Sebastien and learns that this was his plan; he arranged for her to get "discovered" so that his wife could produce an album for her and then she'd get rich and the prenup wouldn't matter because they'd be able to live off of all her success and the fortune that comes with it. Feeling too guilty about this and telling her lover that his plan is absolutely terrible because if she's working with her and sleeping with him then she's going to figure it out, Carmen returns to Jacklyn and refuses to sign with her, saying that it's for personal reasons. Jacklyn then insults the maid by telling her that she must just not be a star because she's obviously afraid of success. This then spurs Carmen into signing with Needledrop in spite of her reservations, because she is a star and she intends to prove.

Blanca 307
Blanca is framed for Louie's murder.

Blanca is locked up in a dark basement following her abrupt kidnapping, having been changed out of Carmen's borrowed dress and into a grey jumpsuit with her wrists and ankles tied to a mattress, which rests dirtily on the floor. Suddenly, the door to the basement opens and she is almost shocked by the light; a man in a mask proceeds to make his way down the stairs with a tray of food for her, and she begs for him to let her go because she doesn't know anything. She promises to disappear and to never go to the police, but he doesn't respond to anything she says, merely dropping off the food, making his way back up the stairs and locking the door behind him. Blanca soon realizes that he's gone from the house, for when she bangs her tray against the floor she gets nothing in the way of punishment, and so she continues to do so until she snaps away the metal rim, and then she uses that to begin cutting through the ropes that bind her hinds. Once they're finally gone, she unties her feet and takes a few weak and painful steps off of the mattress and, with great difficulty after having not walked for so long now, she manages to climb the stairs. It seems she is squatting in an empty house - well, empty except for the massive shrine dedicated to the deceased Louie Becker. Upon her discovery of this, the masked man returns and knocks her out with a rag covered in chloroform. The next morning, the very same house is approached by Sebastien and Evelyn, with the realtor explaining to his employer that this house is child-friendly like she wanted. She is a little put off by the fact that it's Beverly Hills-adjacent, but still she decides to have a look. Soon, Sebastien comes dashing to her side after he hears her scream, and then he realizes why: the dead body of Blanca Alvarez is hanging by the neck from a tied-together string of sheets, with a confession written in lipstick below her dangling feet which reads "FORGIVE ME". It appears as though she has confessed to the murder of Louie Becker, while Evelyn simply remains shocked at her discovery of yet another corpse.



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