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This tour guide rides in a tour bus, pointing out to visitors of Beverly Hills numerous tourist attractions, one in particular being the "Powell Murder House". He appears in "The Awful Truth".


Season 3

As Carmen meets her new boss, Adrian Powell for the first time, a tour bus arrives out front of their home, and a tour guide announces to those on said bus that their next attraction is known as the "Powell Murder House". He states that inside, three gruesome deaths have been featured; Evelyn argues this though, stating that it was only two. The tour guide ignores her, turning back to the tourists, stating that only days before a severed leg was found on the front lawn. Evelyn argues that it was just a leg, and that a leg is not a body. She proceeds to take off one of her high heel shoes and throw it at the tour bus. Those on it manage to dodge the shoe, and the bus drives off. Having had enough, Evelyn turns to Adrian, stating that she has had enough, and they are moving. ("The Awful Truth")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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