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Ty's mother
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Ty McKay - Son
Spence Westmore - Brother
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Tucker Westmore - Adopted Nephew
Miguel Falta - Step-Nephew
Peri Westmore - Ex-Sister-in-Law
Rosie Falta - Sister-in-Law
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Ty's mother is the sister of Spence Westmore, and mother of Ty McKay. She appears in "The Bad Seed".


Season 2

Ty's mother is the mother of Ty McKay, and together they live in Bel Air, a city in California. Ty's mother works as a businesswoman, and one day, when having to go on a business trip, she asks her brother, Spence Westmore, to look after her son, who is now 17 years old. Recently Ty has attempted suicide by overdosing on drugs in front of the home of deceased singer, Alejandro Rubio, whose death was caused by one of Ty's friends, and Ty's mother doesn't trust him to be alone. She drops Ty off at Spence's house before heading for her trip. ("The Bad Seed")

As Ty starts to fall for Spence's maid, Carmen Luna, he buys her a $3,000 Yang Li jacket. When Spence finds out, he demands the maid return it as it was surely paid for with Ty's mother's credit card; Carmen begrudgingly does so. ("Betrayal")

Ty's mother has to return from her business trip early when Spence refuses to take care of Ty any longer, after he tries to poison him when getting jealous over his friendship with Carmen. ("The Visit")

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