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Ty McKay is one of the supporting characters on Devious Maids. As an unstable young man, Ty was on medication to keep himself in check... which he proceeded to overdose on when he couldn't contain the guilt of what he and his gang of robber friends did to Alejandro Rubio. He survived the suicide attempt though, leading him into an infatuation with his uncle's maid Carmen, but this only worsened his mental condition until finally he stopped taking his meds altogether and he found himself acting more and more insane - such as when he committed a horrendous gun crime to cover up his past ones.


Early Life

Ty is the nephew of Spence Westmore, thus making him the son of Spence's sister. He and his mom live in Bel Air, but his mother is often away on business. ("The Bad Seed") Ty is known to suffer from slight mental instability and has been on medication. ("Proof") At some point he becomes friends with Ethan Sinclair, Carter and Jason, and the four of them come up with the idea of disguising themselves and robbing rich Beverly Hills homes so that they could get money to give to the homeless. ("An Ideal Husband", "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs", "The Bad Seed")

Season 2

Ty 201
A home invasion takes place at the Powell mansion. ("An Ideal Husband")

On the night of one of Adrian and Evelyn Powell's dinner parties, a group of robbers show up at their home, including Ty. They ring the Powell's doorbell, and the maid, Fatima answers it. She is immediately startled and rushes into the dining area yelling for her boss. Ty and the rest of the robbers run after her and shove her to the side. They shoot the ceiling and demand everyone's jewelry. Adrian tries to stop them, but it just results in a punch in the face. Evelyn, Tanya Taseltof, and the rest of the jewelry wearing guests are forced to give it all to Ty and the rest of the robbers. Later on, the group of robbers go to a local fence where they go to trade in all of the jewelry for money. The fence tells the robbers that he will give them forty thousand dollars for everything, but will not take Evelyn's blood red necklace because it is too valuable and too hot to handle. The robbers then tell the fence that that is fine and that they have enough money for what they need to do. They then leave and hand out all of the cash to homeless people. One of the unseen men gives Evelyn's necklace to a homeless woman. ("An Ideal Husband")

Ty 202
Ty frets over Alejandro's murder. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

The band of robbers are at it again, but this time they head for Alejandro Rubio and Carmen Luna's engagement party. As the night seems to be going well for everyone at first, Carmen is meanwhile trying to get Alejandro to drunkenly marry her to ensure her career. Despite deciding to break off the engagement last minute, he promises to make her a star anyway, believing she has real talent, but trouble ensues when the robbers make themselves known, wishing to steal the partygoers possessions in order to give money to the poor. Things soon take a dark turn, however, as when one member - Carter - attempts to quiet everyone down, he accidentally shoots Alejandro in the chest in the process, killing him. As Carmen and Odessa are left to sob over his body, Carter and the other robbers run. One robber includes Ty McKay, who calls out his friend for having shot the pop singer. Still though, they are forced to run. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Ty 203
Out of guilt, Ty attempts suicide. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

Ty remains guilty after Alejandro's sudden murder, and spends his time around the mansion in which the popstar had once lived. Many fans have been seen leaving gifts to serve as a memorial to the singer, and so when Odessa finds Ty outside of the home she is left to assume that is all he is doing. Ty speaks to the Russian housekeeper that he feels bad about what happened to Alejandro, but she assures the killer will be caught and punished. The next day, Ty is standing by Alejandro's house, he receives a phone call from a restricted number. The man on the other end of the line says he needs to get out of there before he gets them all arrested. Later, two girls find an unconscious Ty on Alejandro's front yard next to his flowers. He has a note stuck to his chest that says he is sorry and a bottle of pills clutched in his hand. ("Dangerous Liaisons") On the news, it is announced that Ty is alive and will recover after a little stay at the hospital. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Ty 205
Something went wrong... ("The Bad Seed")

Spence reveals to Carmen he has to watch his suicidal nephew for a few days, his suicidal nephew turns out to be Ty. That night, Carmen is hanging out with Ty. Carmen encourages him to have some friends over while Spence is at work. Later, Carmen heads to the store to get snacks and returns and finds Ty is having a rager, the house is full of hundreds of teens. Carmen tells him to kick everyone out. He argues that if she shuts down his party he will be depressed and might try to commit suicide again. Carmen sneaks outside and calls 911 and asks them to send a cop over. Later, the cops show up at Spence’s house to shut down Ty’s party. Carmen’s plan backfires and she and Ty wind up being arrested and thrown into a cell together. While they are arguing in the cell Carmen mentions that she loved Alejandro and he died in her arms. Ty feels horrible, Carmen has no idea he was involved in Alejandro’s death. Eventually, Spence bails Carmen and Ty out. That night, Ty heads outside to take the garbage outside after he gets home from jail and Ethan is waiting in the shadows for him. Apparently Ethan was one of the guys that robbed Alejandro’s house with Ty, and he threatens that if Ty tells anyone about Alejandro they will all tell the cops that Ty is the one that killed him, which is false. ("The Bad Seed")

Ty 206
Ty starts to develop feelings for Carmen. ("Private Lives")

When offered to sing at a music club one night, Carmen learns that the song must be in English and an original written by herself. As she has trouble writing, Ty enters the room and asks why she hasn't been cleaning. He even points out an old egg roll that has been sitting there for days. Carmen asks if he's good at English. He replies that he speaks with it and that Carmen understands what he is saying so he thinks he is pretty decent at it. The maid asks Ty if she can help write a song. Ty says that he has no clue how, but Carmen says she always sees him writing stuff in some journal. Ty reveals that it is his therapy journal and that he uses it to write his feelings. Carmen asks to use it, but he refuses. She then convinces him to clean the kitchen so she can write her song. Later, as she cleans Ty's room, she sees his therapy journal just lying there. She intentionally knocks it off the bed. When she picks it up, she starts reading it. Later on, Carmen thanks Ty. He is confused, and she reveals she read the journal and got inspiration for the song. Ty is furious and asks if she read anymore of the journal. She says she didn't, but Ty is still angry. He starts going off on the maid, threatening to get her fired for writing songs all day instead of cleaning. Carmen finally calms him down, and Ty ends up giving permission to use the song, but he refuses to go to the club to watch her perform. In the end though, he does go, and watches Carmen do a great job. He starts to realize that he is falling in love with her. ("Private Lives")

Ty 207
Carmen and Spence give Ty the wrong idea. ("Betrayal")

Carmen receives a gift from Ty. She opens it and finds a leather jacket. She says she can’t keep it, because it is so expensive. Ty insists that she “made a huge difference in his life” She tries it on an falls in love and says she is never “taking it off.” The next day, Spence finds Carmen’s new jacket and she confesses that his nephew Ty gave her the jacket. He is furious and says that she has to return it, she can’t accept a $3,000 gift from a 17 year old. Carmen returns the jacket to Ty, and says Spence told her to give it back. He begs her to keep it in her closet and hide it from Spence. She returns the jacket and tells him it was the thought that counts. Then Ty shocks Carmen and kisses her. After a discussion with Spence, Carmen pays Ty a visit and tries to let him down easy. She tells him that she has a serious boyfriend, and he is a famous celebrity so she can’t reveal his identity. Ty is devastated, and says whoever her boyfriend is he is lucky to have her. Carmen reports back to Spence and says that she dumped Ty like he told her to. He confesses that he got in a fight with Reggie, and Rosie is furious and told him that she will never see him again. Carmen comforts him and hugs him, while Ty watches from around the corner. ("Betrayal")

Ty 208
Ty is told that he needs serious help. ("Night, Mother")

Spence gives Carmen a note to deliver to Rosie since she isn’t answering his phone calls. His nephew catches them talking and is convinced that Spence is trying to sleep with Carmen. Later, Carmen is preparing dinner. While Carmen is setting the table, Ty slips something in Spence’s meal and sits down to dinner with him and Carmen. While they are eating Spence begins sweating and his stomach starts rumbling. He rushes off to the bathroom and Ty uses the opportunity to point out how old and undistinguished his uncle is. Later, Ty pays Carmen a visit and learns that she took Spence to the hospital the night before. The doctors think that he digested some household cleaners. Carmen puts two and two together and realizes that Ty poisoned his uncle, she asks him why he did it and Ty says that his uncle “doesn’t love her like he does”. Carmen is scared by what he said and she runs away. Later, Spence returns from the hospital and tells Ty that they need to talk. He reveals that Ty’s mother is on her way to pick him up and take him home, Ty protests and says he is just kicking him out so that he can have Carmen all to himself. Spence informs Ty that he is “going to get the help that he needs” and reveals that Carmen will not step foot in his house until Ty is gone. That night, Carmen is planning Spence a 20th anniversary party, since he has been on his soap opera for twenty years. Unbeknownst to her Ty is creeping in the bushes still watching her through the window. ("Night, Mother")

Ty 209
Ty makes a fool of himself when trying to "rescue" Carmen. ("The Visit")

Carmen is at a café; she notices Ty hiding behind a menu a few tables over. She approaches him and accuses him of following her. She saw him at the market and the movies. She orders him to stop following her and informs him that she dates men, not confused little boys. Later, Ty calls a meeting with Ethan and the rest of their friends. After killing Alejandro, they don’t want any part of another home invasion. Ty tells them they have to help him hit one more house and rob his uncle Spence, and if they don’t he will tell the cops that they robbed the other houses. The next day, Ethan pays Ty a visit and informs him that they can’t rob his uncle Spence’s house, someone got killed last time and they don’t want that to happen again. Ethan says he met a special girl and he doesn’t want to ruin it, and their friends Jason and Carter both got accepted to college. Ty says he is in love with a girl too and they need to rob Spence’s house so that he can rescue Carmen and be her hero. That night, Spence’s house is full of a couple dozen of his co-workers form his soap, they are all milling around at his anniversary party. Ty shows up and says that he is just picking up his text book and heads to his room. Outside, Ethan and his two friends put on their ski masks and prepare to head into the house. While Carmen is cutting the cake, the three masked young men barge in with guns. Ethan hits Spence and takes Carmen hostage. However, before Ty can be the hero and save her, the young boy fall on the ground and Carmen stabs Ethan in the stomach with a cake knife. Ethan’s friends drag him out of the house and they make their getaway. While the police are searching the crime scene, Rosie arrives to check on Carmen and make sure she is okay. She talks a bit with Spence, telling him he looks good. Then, Carmen and Rosie thank Ty because, even if he did not really save her, he gave Carmen enough time to stab the masked man. ("The Visit")

Ty 212
In order for the robbers to not be exposed, Ty believes they have to get rid of Valentina. ("Proof")

At a high school, the cops are going through Ethan's locker, Ty and Carter ask one of their friends what happened. The latter says the cops have a warrant because they think Ethan is a part of the "home-invasion ring". Ty and Carter begin panicking because the cops are interviewing students and trying to figure out what other kids he was working with to rob houses. The two friends leave, and Ty is worried about what would Carmen think but Carter tells him they need to stay in school until they find a plan. Later, Ty and Carter are at one of their houses and say they need to get rid of everything that tied them to the robberies. Ty tries to text Ethan, but at this moment Jason arrives and tells them it is normal because Ethan took off because Valentina knows about the robberies. They do not know if Ethan talked about them to Valentina or if she talked to the police so the boys think they should leave town too. Ty decides he will talk to Valentina and see if she even knows they were part of the burglary ring. Later, Valentina is at a diner with Remi, but he has to leave because some of the people that promised Genevieve they'd get tested didn't show up. He kisses her and he leaves. At that moment, Ty goes over to Valentina, asking if she is Ethan's girlfriend. Ty presents himself as a friend of Ethan and that Ethan always talks about her. Then, Ty asks her if Ethan was really a part of the robbery ring because everyone is talking about that at school. Valentina tells him she does not want to talk about that, but Ty replies he is worried for him and he hopes she won't talk to the police about the robbery. Valentina is really surprised by that, and Ty adds she could ruin his life and the lives of the people who help him during the robberies. Valentina replies she already talked to the police and then she asks Ty what his name is. The latter leaves her, without answering. Later, Ty reveals to Carter and Jason that Valentina talked to the cops. Jason says his father is lawyer, and he knows that kind of stuff: even if there is a trial, without Ethan and any physical proof, they only have Valentina's testimony. The boys are not sure if it would be enough to convict them, so Ty says they have to get rid of Valentina. ("Proof")

Ty 213
Ty steals his uncle's gun to kill Valentina. ("Look Back in Anger")

Ty is furious when Jason arrives, because they were supposed to meet an hour ago and Carter is not returning his phone calls. Then, Ty asks Jason if he got a gun but the latter tells Ty he just came in order to say goodbye. He reveals he told everything to his parents, who freaked out and decided to send him to Peru with his mother's cousin. Jason adds that Carter left to Europe this morning, that's why he is not answering his phone. Ty says he can't believe they abandoned him and argues that all they have to do is “get rid of Valentina” and they won’t have to flee the country. However, Jason refuses, leaving Ty alone. Later, while Carmen is calling about the limo for the wedding, Ty shows up at Spence's house, saying he brings a wedding gift because he and his mother won't be present at the wedding. While Carmen is busy with the phone, Ty sneaks in to Spence’s bedroom and takes the gun out of his safe deposit box and puts it in his back pack. Later, in his car, Ty calls Zoila at her house, asking if Valentina is there. Zoila says no and Ty asks if she knows where she might be. Zoila says no again and asks who is it. Ty presents himself as Sam, a friend of Valentina and Zoila says she will tell to Valentina he called. However, Ty says he will track her down eventually, and he hangs up. Then, he looks Spence's gun. Rosie and Spence are married, and as they exit the chapel, Ty arrives, prepared to shoot Valentina. Carmen sees his car pull up and watches as he puts a mask on and get out a gun. She warns everyone, but it is too late. Ty drives by, shooting at everyone, hoping to get Valentina. Rosie drops her bouquet covered in blood, leaving it unknown who was shot. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3

Ty 301
Ty tries to kill Valentina. ("Awakenings")

As Rosie and Spence exit the church in which they were just married, the crowd of all those who attended cheer for the happy couple, but this happiness is unable to last for long. Carmen turns and sees Ty approaching in his car, pulling over a ski mask and retrieving a gun as he does so. She tries to warn everyone, but it's too late - Ty drives by, firing bullets at all those he can. He ends up killing Pablo Diaz, shooting the minister who performed the ceremony, and wounding Rosie, the bride. He fails at killing his intended target, Valentina, and drives away. While Zoila is forced to bury her husband, and Rosie enters a coma, Ty is found and arrested, presumably because Carmen saw him before the shooting happened. ("Awakenings")


  • Ty's surname is never mentioned in the series. It is Gideon Glick who revealed the full name of his character.[1]
  • The writers had considered bring Ty back for the fourth season while Spence was in prison, but they ultimately decided that they would have more fun with new character Kill Face instead.[2]


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