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This unseen man is a burglar who robs the Powell's home on the night of a dinner party. He appears in "An Ideal Husband".


Season 2

On the night of one of Adrian and Evelyn Powell's dinner parties, a group of robbers show up at their home, including the unseen man. The wring the Powell's doorbell, and the maid, Fatima answers it. She is immediately startled and rushes into the dining area yelling for her boss. The unseen man and the rest of the robbers run after her and shove her to the side. They shoot the ceiling and demand everyone's jewelry. Adrian tries to stop them, but it just results in a punch in the face. Evelyn, Tanya Taseltof, and the rest of the jewelry wearing guests are forced to give it all to the unseen man and the rest of the robbers. Later on, the group of robbers go to a local fence where they go to trade in all of the jewelry for money. The fence tells the robbers that he will give them forty thousand dollars for everything, but will not take Evelyn's blood red necklace because it is too valuable and too hot to handle. The robbers then tell the fence that that is fine and that they have enough money for what they need to do. They then leave and hand out all of the cash to homeless people. The unseen man gives Evelyn's necklace to a homeless woman. ("An Ideal Husband")


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