Basically just vote for which character you think was the MVP of each episode as they air.

Once More Unto the Bleach

Winner: Zoila Diaz (80%) 4 votes
Runner Up: Adrian Powell (20%) 1 vote

Another One Wipes the Dust

Winner: Evelyn Powell (100%) 5 votes

War and Grease

Winner: Genevieve Delatour (66.67%) 4 votes
Runners Up: Adrian Powell (16.67%) 1 vote
Evelyn Powell (16.67%) 1 vote

Sweeping With the Enemy

Winner: Evelyn Powell (66.6%) 2 votes
Runner Up: Rosie Westmore (33.3%) 1 vote

A Time to Spill

Winner: Carmen Luna (50%) 2 votes
Runners Up: Daniela Mercado (25%) 1 vote
Rosie Westmore (25%) 1 vote

The Maid Who Knew Too Much

Winner: Carmen Luna (66.67%) 2 votes
Runner Up: Marisol Suarez (33.33%) 1 vote

Blood, Sweat and Smears

Winners: Evelyn Powell (50%) 2 votes
Genevieve Delatour (50%) 2 votes

I Saw the Shine

Winner: Carmen Luna (100%) 5 votes

Much Ado About Buffing

Winners: Marisol Suarez (40%) 2 votes
Zoila Diaz (40%) 2 votes
Runner Up: Genevieve Delatour (20%) 1 vote

Grime and Punishment

Winner: Rosie Westmore (50%) 2 votes
Runners Up: Genevieve Delatour (25%) 1 vote
Zoila Diaz (25%) 1 vote

Overall Rankings

Portal Evelyn
Portal Carmen
Portal Zoila
Portal Rosie
Portal Adrian
Jesse Portal
Portal Spence
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