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    Season 5

    August 29, 2016 by DisneyGleek123

    Let me know what you think of my Season 5 predictions below!

    This page is dedicated to the fifth season of Lifetime's Devious Maids. It better be announced soon.

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    Tonight's the night Devious Army! It's our last chance to make accusations as to who killed everyone's favorite Hollywood socialite, Peri Westmore.

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    Who was the supporting/minor MVP of 4x01?

    Winner: Peri Westmore (100%) 5 votes

    Who was the supporting/minor MVP of 4x02?

    Winner: Gail Fleming (40%) 2 votes

    Runners-Up: Peter Hudson (20%) 1 vote

    Frances (20%) 1 vote

    Miguel Falta (20%) 1 vote

    Who was the supporting/minor MVP of 4x03?

    Winner: Shannon Greene (100%) 5 votes

    Who was the supporting/minor MVP of 4x04?

    Winner: Josefina Mercado (80%) 4 votes

    Runner-Up: Kill Face (20%) 1 vote

    Who was the supporting/minor MVP of 4x05?

    Winner: Josefina Mercado (100%) 5 votes

    Who was the supporting/minor MVP of 4x06?

    Winner: Ben Pacheco (60%) 3 votes

    Runners-Up: Kyle (20%) 1 vote

    Doug (20%) 1 vote

    Who was the supporting/minor MVP of 4x07?

    Winner: Kill Face (40%) 2 votes

    Runners-Up: Kyle (20%) 1 vote

    James Hamilton (20%) 1 vote

    Tucker Westm…

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    Blanca died because of Dahlia and Nicholas Deering... I'm going to work backwards in order to explain myself.

    In Anatomy of a Murder it is revealed that Sebastien Dussault killed Louie Becker the tennis pro and Blanca Alvarez the new maid in order to keep his affair with Taylor Stappord a secret. He wouldn't have had to if Olivia hadn't paid Sebastien to seduce Taylor, subsequently making Michael Stappord leave Taylor and getting back together with Olivia.

    Now we all know Olivia is crazy, but her insanity isn't the only reason Michael left her. Michael divorced Olivia since she was unable to give him a child and so he turned to Adrian's "disgusting little hobby". He had an affair with Taylor and they married soon after. Olivia wouldn't have …

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