So there's been a lot of talk recently in regards to how promotional pictures are added to the wiki. Our current system is to follow how the Lifetime official website releases them. The pictures released with that episode go with that episode and are named accordingly to how the site presents them as. While this may sound logical at first, a massive flaw in this system is that the official Lifetime website doesn't always list promotional images accordingly. Multiple times there have been pictures released with the wrong episodes or images that are really BTS be promoted as actual promotional stills. Because of this, we have episode pictures in the wrong galleries and some BTS pictures in character galleries. Meanwhile, if there's promotional images released on other sites, we just class them how we deem fitting.

While Lady Junky is against this, I still think it's worth talking about because, yes, the Lifetime official website is important and crucial to the wiki, but it does make mistakes, which I think should be acknowledged. I propose that we quit following this rule and class the pictures how they should ACTUALLY be classed. That means putting episode promos with the correct episodes and classing BTS pictures as BTS.

A good example of what I'm talking about is File:Promo 302 06.png. This is clearly a BTS picture of Cristian de la Fuente and not of the character of Ernesto. Not only is he in the incorrect clothing of his character, but pinned right onto his shirt is a tag with the actor's surname. Meanwhile there's File:Promo 309 01.png, which is actually of a scene set in 3x10; however, because it was released by Lifetime's official site as a promo for 3x09, we class it as 3x09, even though the scene is not in 3x09.

I'd like for this post to not be dismissed right away and for the members of the community to actually look into this some. Strictly following Lifetime's website is technically giving false information. We all know that site makes mistakes and I don't think this wiki should have to suffer because of it. Since the adding of all these newly found promos it's already becoming more inconsistent with there being some BTS classed as BTS while there's otheres just being classed with regular episode promos. Thanks to all who have taken their time to read through this blog, and I now ask that you express your thoughts below.

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