This a list of unanswered questions from the Season 4 premiere and necessary moments we'd like to see addressed. As questions get answered and moments are addressed, they will be crossed out, answered in bold with the episode they were answered in.

Unanswered Questions/Necessary Moments

  • If Coming Clean movie production will continue now that Eva left the cast and Peri is dead.
  • If we'll see anything that happened during the six month time jump.
  • If Evelyn will find out Adrian is not really paralyzed, and how this will affect her social life.
  • If Rosie will ever find out Genevieve hates her.
  • If Gail will tell everyone that Evelyn wants to divorce Adrian.
  • If will see Jesse meet Peter.
  • If there's something more to Jesse lying about going back to Seattle.
  • The owner of the person renting the Stappord's old home.
  • If Rosie and Spence will reconcile.
  • If Zoila and Genevieve will solve their issues.
  • Daniela finding out Carmen is her mother.
  • If whoever killed Peri was an uninvited guest.
  • If Adrian and Evelyn will reconcile.
  • Daniela and Jesse's relationship.
  • Why Peri was looking for Ben.
  • What Peri saw and if that got her killed. If not who killed her and why?
  • Peter's ex-wife, Genevieve and her throw pillows against Marisol.
  • A flashback of Peri getting killed.
  • If Spence was already hangover sleeping when Peri was placed next to his bed.

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