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Jdg98 June 11, 2016 User blog:Jdg98
For a list unrecapped pages, click here.

The following is a list of tasks that need carrying out on the Devious Maids Wiki. Admins can add and remove stuff, and if anyone else has any suggestions then they can comment below. :)

The following states current miscellaneous projects on the Wiki.

  • List of Locations. (Lady Junky)
  • Main Page quote template. (Lady Junky)
  • Promotional Images from the press site. (Lady Junky)
  • Timeline. (Lady Junky)
  • Unseen Characters.
    • Real-life people mentioned in the show. (CoyoteDork)
    • Unseen and unnamed family members. (Lady Junky)



The recapping of characters is primarily done by Jo and Joe, with pictures done by Lady.

NOTE: It's been agreed to just give episodic and unseen characters one quote.


The recapping of episodes is done primarily by Joe, with pictures done by Lady.


  • Locations are primarily done by Eli.
  • Items & Businesses are currently not being done.

Needed Pages


* denotes another name may be suitable.




The following discussions are as of yet unresolved, and being listed for the sake of reminding:

  • Additional character categories such as Medical Personnel, Police, etc.
  • Inclusion of family trees on character pages.
  • Whether or not the rule of being in 5+ episodes to classify as a supporting character is reduced to 4+ episodes.

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