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Valentina Diaz
Valentina Diaz
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Valentina Josefina Diaz
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Beverly Hills, California, USA
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Zoila Diaz - Mother
Pablo Diaz - Father
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Reina - Aunt
Victor - Uncle
Remi Delatour - Fiancé
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Why would a boy like Remi love me? I'm nothing.
Valentina Diaz, "Totally Clean"

Valentina Diaz is one of the main characters and titular protagonists of Devious Maids. The daughter of Zoila Diaz, Valentina is a smart, determined and kind young woman who has two major interests in life: going to fashion school, and her young boss, Remi Delatour. Valentina works at the Delatour house as a maid, along with her mother, and she is hopelessly in love with Remi. When her mother finds out about this, she tries her best to keep her daughter from coming any closer to Remi, for she knows from experience - or believes, anyway - that rich boys never fall in love with "the help". However, and even though Zoila's heart is in the right place, Valentina's determination to break the employer/employee barrier is further fueled by her mother's attempts to stop her.


Early LifeEdit

In the year 1994, Valentina was born to Zoila and Pablo Diaz. Growing up, her family didn't have much wealth, and in order to save money, she learned to make her own clothes. Overtime, she decided she wanted to be a fashion designer when she grew up, and so she began putting away money. Since her mother worked as a maid for Genevieve Delatour, Valentina would often spend time over at Genevieve's mansion, where she began to form a crush for her son, Remi. ("Pilot", "Making Your Bed") When in high school, Remi becomes addicted to drugs, and when sent to rehab, Zoila lies to Valentina about where he is, for she was still young. ("Taking a Message") After completing school, Valentina is accepted into a university, but due to not having enough money to pay for it, she takes a job working alongside her mother as Genevieve's second maid. ("Pilot", "Making Your Bed")

Zoila eventually introduces Valentina to fellow maids, Rosie Falta, Carmen Luna, and Flora Hernandez, and she is welcomed into their group of friends. One day, however, Valentina and her friends are told a secret by Flora of her plans for success. For quite sometime, Flora has had the intentions of becoming impregnated by a rich man's child, and then blackmailing him. Despite not approving of this, Valentina, her mother, and her friends keep it a secret. In the summer of 2013 though, Flora ends up murdered in the home of the Powells, leaving only Valentina and a few others knowing the truth about her background. ("Pilot", "Totally Clean")

Season 1Edit

101 13
Valentina decides to make an impression. ("Pilot")

Valentina attends the funeral of fellow maid Flora who was stabbed under suspicious circumstances, and on her way out of the funeral alongside her mother, Zoila, and mother's friends, Rosie suggests that they go to the police with what they know of Flora's murder, but she is warded against the idea. Valentina is later introduced as the maid of Genevieve Delatour who has swallowed a bottle a pills and hidden herself under the bed. Valentina calls Remi, Genevieve's son, with whom Valentina has a crush on, over to the house, to talk his mother out of suicide, and Valentina suggests that he stays home instead and commute with college so that his mother won't be lonely, and Genevieve loves the idea, offering to get her stomach pumped. When her mother leaves, Valentina prepares some tea for her and Remi and changes into a prettier outfit so that she appears more presentable, before sitting down for tea with Remi at the poolside. However, Zoila sees this and isn't happy, and so buys Valentina an outfit after work which turns out to be a stereotypical maid's outfit, and Zoila tells her daughter that it is her new uniform, so that she is to remember her place. Valentina is not too happy and so whips out her sewing kit and totally changes the dress to look sexy. The next day, she approaches Remi while wearing it to serve him his breakfast, and she is very content in the fact that he appeared overwhelmed by her beauty. Later, Valentina is seen having lunch with her mom and her friends and they invite new maid Marisol over, however, having somewhere to go, Marisol walks past her fellow maids. ("Pilot")

Valentina 102
Genevieve joins Valentina's cause. ("Setting the Table")

Valentina's interest in Remi continues to grow, and when overhearing him and a friend that he's into old movies, the two sit down and bond over said topic. Zoila continues to stand between them though, and feels the need to call her daughter away; however, this doesn't stop Valentina from making sure she runs into Remi when with a group of friends at the movies. Remi's friends take an interest in the girl, and so she is invited to join them. The night goes well, and Valentina and Remi have fun chatting about it the next day, but when Zoila finds out, she starts scheming of ways to sabotage the growing friendship. She convinces Genevieve to throw a party for Remi and his friends, one of which she and Valentina will work. This is done, and Valentina ends up humiliated when forced to take everyone's drink requests in her uniform. Remi's friends are no longer accepting of her, now knowing she cleans for a living, and she breaks down in tears soon after. Zoila assures what she's doing is for the best, but Valentina does not believe so. Genevieve later finds the girl in her poor state and sits her down, which results in Valentina confessing to her boss her love for Remi. Unlike Zoila, Genevieve is entirely on board with it, and supports the maid. She then agrees to help get them together. ("Setting the Table")

Season 2Edit

Three months after Valentina goes off to Africa to pursue Remi, Genevieve continues to mourn the loss of her ex-husband, Philippe - the man she was about to remarry. Zoila delivers her boss the mail. She also tells Genevieve that she needs to get out and spend some of Philippe's money. As Genevieve goes through her mail, she's excited to get a letter from Remi. As she reads it to herself, she's stunned by something, but decides to not tell Zoila. She gets up and tells her that maybe she will spend some of Philippe's money. Genevieve ends up going to a bad part of Beverly Hills where she stops by a rundown motel. There, she visits none other than Valentina Diaz. It turns out that in the letter Remi sent his mother revealed that he and Valentina fought and broke up. The latter ended up returning home, and Remi wanted to make sure she was alright. Genevieve tells Valentina that she refuses to allow her to stay in that motel. Valentina tells her former boss that she's almost out of money, so she couldn't stay even if she wanted to. Genevieve tells her to pack up her things and to come stay at her mansion. The following day, Valentina lounges by Genevieve's pool when the latter's new poolboy, Ethan comes outside to clean up. He asks Valentina if she is still dating "Richie McTrust Fund", referring to Remi. Valentina tells him negatively, and goes back inside. While coming through the door, Genevieve tells her that Zoila is there to see her. After the mother and daughter hug, Zoila apologizes profusely, and then tells her daughter to go get her stuff and come home. Valentina informs her she isn't coming home, she is going to live with Genevieve. However, thanks to Zoila, Valentina is forced to move out. Later, Valentina is sitting in her car and Remi calls her, he apologizes to her for telling his mom that she was back. Valentina apologizes and says she has a job interview. She hangs up and knocks on Evelyn's door - she is applying to be their maid. ("An Ideal Husband")

Valentina calls Pablo and tells her that she got a job working as a maid for the Powell's. Pablo congratulates her, but Zoila is furious. Later on, Ethan is seen working as the pool boy in the Powell house. As Valentina is cleaning up, he walks in, trekking in a mess. Valentina asks what he is doing, and he tells her that he is looking for the bathroom. She directs him to it. Zoila then arrives, attempting to go upstairs and pack up her daughter's belongings. Valentina tells Zoila that she has no control over her and that she needs to leave. As Val storms off, Zoila is seen stealing one of Evelyn's Faberge eggs. Ethan sees this as he is coming out of the bathroom, but doesn't say anything. Later on, Valentina is taking a break from cleaning the Powell’s mansion and pouring herself a drink when Ethan approaches her and says they “need to talk.” Ethan tells her that Valentina's mom stole the “egg thingy” and Valentina puts two and two together and realizes Zoila took it so that she would be fired. Ethan also tells her that he intends on asking her out the following week. Valentina calls Pablo and tells her what Zoila did. Pablo confronts Zoila, telling her that he and Valentina are sick of her being so controlling. Pablo then proceeds to leave his wife. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Valentina video chats with Remi, and tries to tell him about her parents splitting up. Remi tells her he can’t talk. Ethan over hears and says that Remi is insensitive and offers to talk to her about her parents, Valentina doesn’t want his pity. Valentina tries to video call Remi, but a girl named Heather answers. She slams her computer shut and heads downstairs. She finds Adrian standing by the window with his gun. She sits down with him and makes him a cup of tea. Valentina tells Adrian she is worried about him. Adrian begins talking about his and Evelyn’s six year old son, Barrett, who was killed by a hit and run driver. He didn’t protect his son, but he plans to protect Evelyn so he doesn’t lose her too. The next day, Valentina asks Ethan to hang out with her this weekend. She says Remi made a new friends, so she thinks it is time for her to make a new friends too. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

During a date with Valentina, Ethan ironizes about their date, saying it is a fun one. He is pleased to see Val is still making him work for it, and adds he will haul out some sexist compliments, like the fact she is gorgeous. Val is amused and Ethan asks why she is not a model. She tells him she wants to enter into a fashion designer school. Ethan asks her why she did not design, and Valentina tells him she does not have the time. The next morning, Ethan surprises Valentina with a sketch pad because she confessed she wants to be a fashion designer. He tells her to go draw and he vacuums the rugs for her. The next day, Valentina shares her design sketches with Ethan. He tells her he is sure they are great, but he does not know anything about clothes. Valentina tells him what we wear say something about who are we or who we would like to be. Then, she presents him with a shirt that she designed and sewed herself. He thanks her and kisses her for the first time. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Valentina and Ethan are making out in a corner of Evelyn’s house. Genevieve barges into the house and informs Valentina she has to come to her house to see Remi. Valentina is shocked, she had no idea he was sick, or back from the Congo. Later, Valentina sees Remi and the first thing he does is apologize about Africa. He announces he wants them to get back together and “start all over.” Afterwards Valentina reveals to Genevieve that she is actually dating her poolboy Ethan. Genevieve is really upset about that. Finally, Valentina pays Zoila a visit and tells her she needs advice and “apologizes for being such a brat.” She reveals that she loves Remi, but he broke his heart. She cares about Ethan too, but at the end of the day he can hurt her too. Zoila informs her she is not telling her what to do, and she needs to make this decision herself. Later, Ethan pays Valentina a visit and tells her that if she wants he will step to the side so that she can get back together with Remi. She kisses him and it looks like she may have finally made her decision. Valentina pays Remi a visit and confesses to him that she is seeing Ethan, he understands and tells her that she “deserves the best.” ("The Bad Seed")

Genevieve is busy trying to get Valentina and Remi back together. And the only thing standing in her way was Ethan. Luckily the problem was quickly fixed. Once Genevieve found out that he had been wait-listed to a school on the east coast, Ethan has been accepted into Brown. And because everyone knows that long distance relationships don’t last then Valentina will have to end hers with Ethan. However, Valentina sees through Genevieve's manipulations. Valentina understands why Genevieve did it, but she made it clear to Genevieve that she’s going to live her own life so it’s best if the other woman simply backs off. After her chat with Genevieve, Valentina was happy to put the whole episode behind her while Ethan elected to let Remi have a piece of his mind. Remi didn’t have anything to do with his mom arranging for Ethan to be sent away, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Ethan. He doesn’t exactly appreciate being nearly bought off. So, Ethan says to Remi that he got what he wants and no one is going to make him give her up. Prior to their little scene, Remi was actually considering letting Valentina go. He changed his mind on that score after meeting Ethan and realizing how much of a jerk that guy was. ("Private Lives")

Valentina tells to Tony and Evelyn she needs to go to the grocery store and she'll come back in a couple of hours. Outside, Valentina meets Remi with a bunch of flowers. Remi tells her he does that as a friend and adds he met Ethan, who does not seem to be a good guy. Valentina is offended and she comes back into the house, telling him to do not come back here unannounced. In the house, Valentina sees Tony and Evelyn having sex together. Later, Valentina pays Adrian a visit at the mental hospital, she brings him his books and sneaks him some cookies. He wants to know why Evelyn didn’t come, but Valentina reassures him that she is busy. Valentina tries to convince Adrian to come home, and says that “Evelyn misses him more than she knows.” That night, Evelyn and Tony arrive at home and Evelyn can’t find Valentina. Evelyn thinks that Valentina is acting strange towards her lately, and she is afraid that she knows about their affair. They head into the other room and are shocked to see Valentina standing with Adrian. He announces he is healed and home to stay. Evelyn and Tony are obviously not thrilled. ("Betrayal")

Valentina catches Adrian unpacking boxes of surveillance cameras. He announces he is planting them around the house so that he can “catch her in the unholy act and he can crush her and win.” Valentina tries to reason that it isn’t a game, but Adrian doesn’t want to hear it. Then, Evelyn receives a bouquet of flowers with a hidden camera on it and orders Valentina to put them in her bedroom. When Valentina refuses Evelyn discovers the camera on it and asks her how many cameras are hidden in the house. She announces since she is being watched, “she is going to have to put on a show.” The next day, Adrian asks Valentina to take him for a ride and leaves Evelyn home alone with Tony. He pulls out his computer to watch them on camera, and realizes that Evelyn knows there is cameras because she isn’t doing anything with Tony, instead she orders him to take her shopping. They find Tony and Evelyn pulled over and having sex in the back seat, but Adrian is too shocked and hurt to say something to them. Valentina helps her heartbroken boss back to the car. ("Night, Mother")

While cleaning, Valentina encounters Adrian, who seems depressed while eating snacks on the sofa. She asks him if he is okay. Adrian replies that it is the effect of total emasculation. Valentina apologizes and informs him she does not know what "emasculation" means. He tells her it is what happens when a man becomes a cuckold. Valentina tells him, again, that she does not understand that word either. Adrian then expresses his feelings to her about his wife Evelyn's affair. Valentina advises him that he should pray to God for help and guidance. Adrian confesses that he’d be too embarrassed to pray after all the things he has done. Valentina asks him if she could pray for him, and Adrian says yes, and that she is "the paragon of magnificence". At first, Valentina takes this as a perverted compliment, but Adrian informs her it just means nice. Valentina smiles and walks away. The next night, Valentina meets Adrian in the living room and she says to him she has been praying for him. Adrian tells her she cans stop now, because it worked. Later, after she took out the trash, Ethan's friends drop him off where Valentina is, right after Ethan was stabbed by Carmen. Valentina sees him, and is very worried. She races over to Ethan, screaming and asking him what happened. Valentina holds Ethan as he falls in and out of unconsciousness. ("The Visit")

Valentina drives quickly to her house. Once she arrives, she helps a injured Ethan get out of the back seat of her car. While she leads him to the inside, Valentina asks Ethan to let her take him to the hospital. The boy refuses and then asks where they are. Valentina tells him it is her mom's house; then, she asks what happened to him as she tries to stop the blood. Ethan tells her he was in a fight at a bar drinking, and some guy stabbed him. He adds he cracked a bottle over the guy's head but the cops won't care who started it so he can't go to the hospital. At this moment, they hear a car in the alley. Valentina tells Ethan he passed out on their way over there, so she called someone. Ethan is shocked and asks who she called. At this moment, Remi enters in the house; Ethan does not look happy to see him. Remi is next seen stitching Ethan's wound while Valentina stands and watches. The latter teases Remi, asking him if he missed the class on stitches. Remi replies by saying what he meant to say was "thank you for saving my life". Ethan thanks him reluctantly, but Remi adds he did not do it for him. Then, Valentina says to Ethan he should go lay down in her room. Once Ethan left the room, Remi tells Valentina he thinks Ethan lied about the knife fight, and Valentina agrees with him. The next day, Remi rushes over to Valentina’s and shows her the article about what happened at Spence's home. He tells her that they are both going to be accomplices and go to jail for helping Ethan. She confronts Ethan and he confesses that it was innocent at first and they were just “stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.” She tells him that he needs to turn himself in and she will forgive him. He refuses, he doesn’t want to go down for murdering Alejandro. He wants Valentina to run away with him, and she says it isn’t an option. Valentina walks out on him and drives home. She swerves her car on the way home while she is crying and a cop pulls her over. The cop sees blood all over her back seat, and tells her that she has to come down to the station with him. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

When they arrive at the police station, Zoila and Pablo go in the room where they see Valentina; she is eased to see them. The young girl tells to her parents she knows it looks bad but she swears she didn't do anything wrong. A cop tells them she has refused to answer any questions and hasn't been charged with anything, so Pablo tells him they can take her home. The cop strongly advises Valentina to cooperate, but they leave anyway. That night, at their home, Zoila and Pablo question Valentina about the blood in her car, she confesses that it was Ethan's blood and he got stabbed while he was robbing Spence Westmore's house. Zoila insists they call the police because they killed someone, but Valentina doesn't want to ruin Ethan's life. Pablo confesses to Valentina that he spent 14 months in jail when he was her age because he stole a car with his friends. Zoila tells her he didn't wanted her to know about it because Pablo thinks Valentina would be ashamed of him. Then, Pablo tells her he doesn't want her to make the same mistake. That night, Valentina arrives on Remi's doorstep and reveals that she is headed to tell the police about Ethan, and she won't throw him under the bus and tell the cops that Remi stitched him up. She thanks him for not breaking his promise and turning Ethan in. She kisses him and Remi asks if they are getting back together. Valentina tells him not to ruin the moment. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Valentina catches Zoila in the kitchen. Zoila asks her what she is doing there, and Valentina answers that she has to meet with the police to talk to them about Ethan so she decided to spend the night. Then, Valentina realizes Zoila has two cups of coffee and she tells to her mother she likes Javier because he is really nice. But, then the doorbell rings and Javier is at the door, saying to Zoila he has pastelitos so they can have their breakfast together. Zoila heads to the park with him, and then Pablo comes out of the bedroom, and announces he and Zoila are getting back together to a confused Valentina. Later, Valentina goes to Genevieve's house, in order to talk with her mother. She congratulates her with irony because Pablo told her they are getting back together. Zoila says Pablo is probably confused and Valentina says it is because Zoila slept with him. Then, she adds if she does not want to get back with him she needs to tell him. However, Zoila says she does not know if she wants to be with Pablo or Javier. She says she needs to think about it, but Valentina says she must talk about this to Javier, because if he discovers the truth by himself and he will be heartbroken. Later, Valentina is at a diner with Remi, but he has to leave because some of the people that promised Genevieve they'd get tested didn't show up. He kisses her and he leaves. At that moment, Ty goes over to Valentina, asking if she is Ethan's girlfriend. Ty presents himself as a friend of Ethan and that Ethan always talks about her. Then, Ty asks her if Ethan was really a part of the robbery ring because everyone is talking about that at school. Valentina tells him she does not want to talk about that, but Ty replies he is worried for him and he hopes she won't talk to the police about the robbery. Valentina is really surprised by that, and Ty adds she could ruin his life and the lives of the people who help him during the robberies. Valentina replies she already talked to the police and then she asks Ty what his name is. The latter leaves her, without answering. ("Proof")

Evelyn and Adrian are talking about their 25th wedding anniversary, when Valentina runs in to the room and announces that she got an internship with fashion designer Bruno de Luca in Manhattan, thanks to Adrian who sent Valentina's drawings to Bruno. Then, after she explains everything to Evelyn, Valentina tells her that Adrian is going to let her stay in their penthouse in Manhattan. The young girl hugs Adrian, and the latter puts his hand on her bottom, which is noticed by Evelyn. Later, Valentina goes to see Remi and tells him everything about the internship and what the Powells did for her. She says she hopes Remi will come to New York with her, but Remi refuses to leave because Genevieve is too sick and Pablo refuses to give his kidney. Remi asks her to have her father reconsider giving up his kidney, but she says she won't because it is his decision. A disappointed Valentina asks if she still be picked up for Rosie's wedding tomorrow, but Remi asks her why they can't catch a break. The next day, at Rosie and Spence's wedding, Zoila and Valentina are talking, saying Remi kept some seats for them. Val leaves her mother, when the latter receives a phone call from Dr. Kimball, revealing that Zoila is pregnant. After the wedding, Rosie and Spence and all of their friends and family follow them out of the church to see them off. Carmen notices Ty in his car. He drives towards the crowd, puts his mask and fires a whole round of bullets in to the crowd, aiming at Valentina. Someone has been shot; Rosie drops her flowers on the ground. There is blood on it. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3Edit

Valentina 301
Valentina is tired of Remi's over-protectiveness. ("Awakenings")

As an unstable Ty attempts to get rid of Valentina via a drive-by shooting outside Rosie's wedding, he unintentionally hits Pablo instead, to his daughter's dismay, and the wound proves fatal. Four months later, Valentina returns from visiting her father's grave to find Remi waiting in her house with a present. She is excited at first, until she learns that it's pepper spray to ward off bad guys. He reveals how worried he's been about her safety ever since the shooting happened but Valentina is less than impressed, pointing out that Ty was arrested and proceeding to go for a jog... only to have her boyfriend follow her. As a result she uses his own pepper spray against him, thinking him to be someone dangerous, and is shocked once she realizes the truth. She wonders why he would follow her and he claims to want to keep an eye out for her, leading her to threaten that she will break up with him if this brand of "protection" continues. Back at her house she tends to his sore eyes as he tells her that he's glad she used the pepper spray, for he now knows she's apt at taking out potential bad guys, and she wonders why he's been so protective lately. He points out that, when the gunshots started on the day of the wedding, he ducked - he could have protected her but he was more concerned with protecting himself. She is okay with this however, because that wedding was the worst day of her life: she lost her father, and she would be utterly destroyed if she had lost Remi as well. Therefore, she's glad he made himself safe. The two of them make up and continue their steady relationship. ("Awakenings")

Valentina 302
Valentina is ready to have sex for the first time. ("From Here to Eternity")

After a leg is found in the garden of the Powell residence, Remi comments on the creepiness of this before announcing to his girlfriend that he's been accepted into medical school in New York, and he wants her to reapply for her internship with Bruno de Luca and come with him... as his wife. Valentina is ecstatic, as is Genevieve for her future daughter-in-law, but Zoila takes the news less pleasantly, thinking Val to be far too young to get married. Valentina points out that if she marries Remi then they'll finally be able to make love, for Zoila always told her premarital sex is a sin, but her mother is just shocked that she actually listened, continuing to forbid this wedding. The next day, however, Zoila announces her own engagement to Javier, as well as the fact that she's pregnant. This deeply upsets Valentina, who refuses to bless the union on the grounds that this is not what her late father would have wanted at all; Remi points out that he wouldn't want she and her mother to fight either, and that he thought Val liked Javier. She confirms that she does, and so Remi wonders what her problem is, leading her to realize that the reason she's upset is because her mother is starting a new family without her. Zoila feels the exact same way about Valentina, and the two of them are able to make amends and bless one another's unions. Val tells Remi that they don't need to get married right away... but maybe they don't have to wait for everything. With this in mind, the two of them make passionate love for the very first time, before Valentina quits her job as the Powells' maid. ("From Here to Eternity")

Zoila and Javier decide to elope and ask Genevieve to be their witness, since Valentina and Remi are already settled in New York. Genevieve insists that they have a big wedding; however, the relationship eventually falls through due to Zoila's baby in fact being Pablo's. ("The Awful Truth") Later, Genevieve goes to visit Valentina and Remi in New York for a little while. ("Whiplash") When Zoila goes into labor, she tells Genevieve that she's the person she most wants by her side after Valentina. Genevieve later phones Valentina to tell her that her little sister is on the way; however, there is a complication and Genevieve is left to decide for the doctors who should be prioritized in the pending surgery - Zoila or her baby. ("Anatomy of a Murder")



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