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Reina - Ex-Wife
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Zoila Diaz - Ex-Sister-in-Law
Pablo Diaz - Ex-Brother-in-Law
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Victor is Reina's ex-husband. Once happily married, it all crumbles apart when he grows fed-up with his wife's multiple affairs. He appears in "She Done Him Wrong".


Early Life

At some point in his life, Victor marries a woman by the name of Reina. While they're together for sometime, their marriage ultimately comes to an end due to the ongoing affairs that Reina takes part in, one of which happens to be with his brother-in-law, Pablo Diaz. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Season 3

Victor 306
Victor reveals why he's getting divorced. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Since Reina's marriage has fallen apart, she goes to stay with her sister, Zoila. While Zoila initially wants to throw her sister out, she knows that she can't once learning that Victor is divorcing her. Zoila questions if there is any chance Victor will take her back, but Reina assures she already tried to speak to him and he pushed her away. Zoila then takes matters into her own hands and goes to visit Victor. She tries to convince him to give Reina another chance, but Victor just simply isn't buying. He knows that Reina is staying with her sister, and that she is only there because Reina is driving her crazy at this point. From there, Victor reveals that the reason he and Reina are getting divorced is because she was having numerous affairs while they were together. He then points out that one of these affairs in particular was with Zoila's own husband, Pablo. Zoila is outraged by this news and leaves to confront her sister. ("She Done Him Wrong")

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