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This waiter waits on Zoila and Javier the night they get engaged. He appears in "From Here to Eternity".


Season 3

Waiter 302
The waiter brings the "special dessert". ("From Here to Eternity")

One night, Javier takes Zoila out to dinner where he plans to propose to her. He plans for a dessert tray to be brought out, but instead of it being dessert, it actually turn out being an engagement ring. As the two talk at dinner, Zoila goes on about how her daughter, Valentina, has gotten engaged to her boyfriend, Remi, despite only being 20. A waiter arrives to ask Javier if he's ready for the special dessert; he starts to believe now may not be the time, with all Zoila has going on with Valentina, but Zoila tells the waiter to bring it, stating that she's currently eating for two. The waiter asks Javier if he should or not, and Javier tells the waiter to listen to Zoila. As the waiter brings out the tray, Zoila tells Javier, referring to Valentina, that no one is getting married ever. Because of this his proposal doesn't go as planned, but they do end up getting engaged. ("From Here to Eternity")

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