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Walking the Dog
Devious Maids 1x06
July 28, 2013
2.88 million[1]
Running time
Production code
Flash sideways
2.88 million[1]
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"Walking the Dog" is the 6th episode of Devious Maids.


Genevieve hits a rough financial patch, putting Zoila's job in jeopardy. Marisol makes an important discovery at the Powell house. Rosie and Spence heat up. Carmen gets jealous when Sam starts dating. Valentina worries about Remi's erratic behavior.


Genevieve and Zoila returning home from a shopping trip. Genevieve, as is her way, is overdramatically lamenting the fact that she is no longer a size zero. Unfortunately, she is about to discover that she has bigger problems – her fortune has been stolen and she and Remi are now penniless. She deals with this discovery far better than anyone would expect, and though she at first goes to Philippe, her ex-husband and Remi’s father, for financial help, she realizes that she does not want to resume a relationship with him just to be rich again. She and Zoila share an incredibly touching moment when Genevieve gives Zoila her wedding ring and promises to take care of her, because Zoila is the one person who has stuck by Genevieve all her life.

Remi, however, does not seem to be taking the news of his sudden change in fortune quite as well, turning to the drugs we saw his ex-girlfriend give him. However, when Valentina goes to offer him some comfort food, he pretends that everything is fine and brushes off her concern.

Rosie and Spence are in the midst of a full-blown affair, and it is affecting her ability to do her job properly. Peri, who cannot be bothered to even glance at her own child, notices that her shelves are dusty and there are dirty dishes in her sink and admonishes Rosie. The second she leaves the house, Rosie and Spence are back in bed – only this time their sex session ends in pain, not pleasure, when Spence has a heart attack. His brush with death turns out to be a wake-up call for Peri, who tells Rosie she wants to go to therapy in order to work on becoming less of a raging bitch.

When Sam gets involved with the new cook next door, Carmen is incredibly jealous, something she refuses to admit to herself. She appeals to Alejandro to put an end to Sam and the cook’s dalliance, but he is happy that Sam is getting some action. So, Carmen decides to cover Sam's bed with dog hair (the cook is allergic to dogs) and getting her sent to the hospital to be treated for an allergic reaction. Then, she tells Sam how she feels about him and he breaks up with the cook to be with her.

After Eddie remembers that Flora had been blackmailing someone about a DVD, Marisol begins scouring the Powell’s house to find it. Evelyn catches her with the DVD and mentions it to Adrian, assuming that Marisol is disgusted by her discovery of his disgusting “little habit”. He, however, speculates that Marisol might have other reasons for her interest in the DVDs and suggests that they fire her, an idea Evelyn shoots down.

Marisol then tries to play her two employers off one another, sitting Taylor and Michael down and telling them that Adrian taped Taylor when she was having sex with his friends. This leads to Michael storming to the Powell’s, beating Adrain up, and demanding all the tapes that feature Taylor be given to him. Evelyn takes Marisol into Adrian’s private room, where she sees the one-way mirror and a wall lined with many, many DVDs bearing Flora’s name. Evelyn hands her the videos featuring Taylor and then ushers her and the Stappords out the door with her trademark zingers. Then, she throws out to Marisol as she slams the door in her face: “You’re fired.”

Later, Michael calls Adrian later and asks him about a DVD concerning Flora. Adrian tells him he got rid of it years ago, even though he is holding it in his hands.[2]


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