War and Grease
Devious Maids 4x03
June 20, 2016
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Flash sideways
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"War and Grease" is the 42nd episode of Devious Maids.


Genevieve’s war on Marisol is taken to new heights. Carmen attempts to be "friends" with Daniela, but struggles when Danni’s behavior spirals out of control. Zoila’s friendship with Frances continues to build. Adrian cuts off Evelyn’s funding, throwing a wrench into her plans to divorce him. Meanwhile, Rosie and Jesse have a new visitor to deal with.


403 01
Genevieve wins this battle, but who shall win the war?

Marisol takes Peter to her favorite restaurant for a date only to be told that, thanks to Genevieve, she can no longer eat there. Genevieve herself has a table and invites Peter to join, pretending Marisol is invisible, and as they leave the restaurant Peter encourages his girlfriend to just ignore his ex-wife's attacks... at which point Marisol's car arrives with the word "WHORE" branded across the windshield. Marisol later meets with the girls; apparently Genevieve is friends with her waxer as well and so she just got a "revenge wax", to the horror of Zoila and Carmen. While Carmen thinks Marisol should start getting even with Genevieve, Zoila reveals that the reason she wants Peter back so badly is because she never got over him after he just left her out of the blue with no explanation or goodbye. This confuses Marisol, who doesn't think Peter to be a cruel person, and later she asks him about it in bed, with him revealing that Genevieve cheated on him prior to his leaving and he was young and stupid and part of him wanted to hurt her as much as she had hurt him. He continues to suggest that Marisol simply ignore Genevieve but, with her maids getting fired from their jobs, Marisol can no longer do that, and instead decides to take Carmen's advice and fights fire with fire. One of the maid's sisters, Astrid, has just started working at Genevieve's salon. Marisol sends her regards when she has Astrid take control of Genevieve's hair and dye it green, to the old woman's horror, and then Genevieve shows up at Mariol's house to tell her that she crossed a line. Marisol reveals that Peter knows Genevieve cheated on him and points out that he would never get back together with her, proceeding to wonder why Genevieve is acting so desperate anyway since men have always come and gone in the past and she's been fine. Genevieve says that she had Zoila then, who was her constant, and without her she feels lost. Marisol expresses her sympathies, assuring that Zoila just needs time, and a truce is called on the "war".

403 02
Carmen fails to reprimand her daughter in spite of her spiraling behavior.

Carmen catches Daniela smoking weed while on the job and attempts to scold her for it, but then Daniela points out how she's controlling her life just like her mother Josefina did and that's why she had to leave home; this makes Carmen panic and retract her scolding, for she wants her daughter to think that she's cool. Zoila, meanwhile, goes to visit Kyle only to learn from Frances that he's out of town, and then Frances invites her out to lunch where Zoila gets to enjoy the many perks of pretending to be a rich person in Beverly Hills. She brags about these perks to Carmen, who was earlier discovered by Adrian when doing her daughter's chores for her, having revealed to him that she doesn't want Daniela to feel about her how she feels about her adoptive mother. Later, Frances tells Zoila that she's heard whispers from people in her circle about how Zoila's accepted multiple invitations to various social gatherings without extending any of her own. As such, Frances ran some damage control and told everyone that Zoila's hosting a cocktail party on Friday, to Zoila's horror. She doesn't think she has to resources to pull of hosting a party in two days' time, but Frances points out that her maid can simply do all the work, to Zoila's further horror. While she begins hastily preparing for an impromptu party, Carmen is approached by Daniela who was smoking her weed in Adrian's favorite Bentley and accidentally crashed it into a tree. It is now scratched and Carmen, wanting to remain "cool", offers to take it to a body shop, though she brings up the fact that Daniela now owes her. Carmen is then called by Zoila and offered money to work the cocktail party; Carmen agrees to do it of Zoila hires Daniela as well, then telling Danni that working the party with her can be her way of paying her back for the car. However, she can't help but judge her daughter when she learns she slept with two guys the night before and got a misspelled tattoo which reads "No Regerts".

403 03
Zoila likes to be able to pretend that she hasn't just lost a baby...

Later, Zoila's party commences and she keeps up appearances well, even pretending to have a chateaux in Switzerland, while Carmen pretends to be her submissive maid. Zoila wonders where Danni is and Carmen proceeds to call her, shocked to learn that she's at a bar drinking. As it turns out, Danni forgot about the party, but she's going to make her way there now... at least, she's planning to, until she runs into Jesse after he's finished work and he offers to buy her a drink. When she finally shows up at the party, she is drunk and ends up spilling over France], leading Zoila to have to "fire" both her maids in front of everyone when they refuse to apologize. She then goes to Carmen to make amends for how she acted and Carmen expresses her distaste for Zoila's new way of life. Zoila reveals that she likes being this new version of herself because she can pretend to be happy and she doesn't have to have just lost a baby, but Carmen points out that the old version of her was her friend, before going to Danni's room to yell at her for how she acted. Danni is annoyed because she though Carmen was cool with everything she did, but Carmen says that she isn't cool; Danni tries to brush her off by pointing out that she's not her mom, at which Carmen gets on the phone and calls Josefina, telling her that her daughter is in desperate need of her.

Shannon 403
Peri's sister Shannon sweeps with the enemy.

Rosie visits Spence in jail, confused as to why he confessed, and he explains that his friend Ben, who she's never heard of, helped him to see things clearly. He doesn't care about that now though, for he's merely worried about Tucker not having a proper guardian, and so he tells Rosie to get down to his house and take care of him for him since she is someone he knows and trusts. Rosie agrees to do so, while a corrupt guard proceeds to phone Ben and tell him that Rosie found Spence an alibi in the form of Cinnamon, which Ben is less than pleased with. When Rosie arrives at the new Westmore house, Jesse is struggling to control Tucker and she calms him down almost immediately by giving him his lovey. She tells Jesse about Ben and together they deduce that he's been brainwashing Spence, though there's little time to discuss it properly because Peri's sister Shannon arrives on the scene. She is in charge of Peri's estate until Tucker comes of age and shall be exerting custody over the boy until such time as well; she shows a distaste for Rosie, who stole her sister's husband, and Spence, who she believes to be guilty. Rosie tells Spence about Shannon and he is not happy, revealing that Peri is the nice one of the two sisters, and he tries convincing her to fight for custody of his son. However, Rosie points out that she's the only one fighting in this whole situation, with Spence having given up just because Ben told him to. She convinces him to fight for his innocence, assuring that Cinnamon, who she's meeting with tomorrow, is going to save his life... but then Cinnamon is kidnapped by Ben on her way out of the strip club, meaning Spence no longer as an alibi. Tucker screams bloody murder back at his house and Jesse finally convinces Shannon to allow him to call Rosie over to control him, then slipping the maid Tucker's lovey as she walks through the door so that, when she uses it to calm Tucker down, it looks as though she's a miracle worker; it also means that she's able to goad Shannon into hiring her as Tucker's nanny, pointing out as she does so that Peri is no longer the one calling the shots. When Rosie later goes to meet with Cinnamon, she learns that she's disappeared. Meanwhile, Shannon and Ben discuss the situation, the two of them apparently being in on it together, before going on to make love.

Evelyn 403
Marisol gets a new roommate.

Evelyn relaxes at a spa and is visited by Marisol, who wants to help her in her time of need. However, the hotel manager soon knocks on Evelyn's door and reveals that her credit card has been declined, meaning she can no longer stay with them. Evelyn is deeply confused but soon comes to realize that Adrian has cut her off. When she returns to her home to talk to him about it, he has Carmen refuse to let her in, believing that if he makes her miserable and broke then eventually she'll be forced to call crawling back to him. He believes it to be romantic. Evelyn vows that the next time she speaks to Adrian will be through an attorney but, when she goes to meet with one who is interested in taking her case, he suddenly has to drop her as a client due to a conflict of interest; it seems that Adrian has hired out all the divorce attorneys in Beverly Hills, trying to make it so that her only option for money is to reconcile with him, to her pure horror. She goes to meet with him at the club to try and persuade him to stop this madness, only for him to frighten her by painting her a picture of her life without him: she is poor with no maid and has to buy generic brands from a supermarket; she also now eats peanut butter, owns a change purse, doesn't throw pennies away and collects coupons. Evelyn can't take it, to Adrian's delight, and he points out that she can easily put a stop to all of it, though she refuses to get back together with him. Instead, she decides to take Marisol up on her earlier offer. She drops by Marisol's house while she and Peter are celebrating the truce with Genevieve and announces that she's going to be staying there for a little while.



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