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The well dressed man is a resident of Cannon Drive. He attends the neighborhood meeting that is hosted by Adrian Powell. He appears in "Dangerous Liaisons".


Season 2

Following the robbery at the Powell's home and the death of Alejandro Rubio, Adrian decides to host a neighborhood meeting. People such as Genevieve Delatour, Tanya Taseltof, and the well dressed man attend. He tells the residents of Cannon Drive that Beverly Hills is under attack. He reminds the residents about both break ins, and says that it's time they meet this threat head on. Tanya asks what exactly Adrian is suggesting, and the latter states he wants them to do a neighborhood watch. Tanya doesn't like the idea, so she asks for another scotch. Genevieve asks who would do the neighborhood watch patrols, and Adrian states that they would. Genevieve asks if she means their servants, and Adrian states that he means them, as in the residents. Evelyn is clearly unhappy. Adrian says that they'd take turns walking their streets at night and call the police if they see anyone suspicious. Tanya comments that she thinks everyone looks a bit suspicious, but that is only because she is a little racist. The well dressed man then speaks up. He asks if they can pay some type of company to do this kind of thing for them. Adrian says that they need more security than that. Genevieve suggests they host a lunch-in about gun violence. Adrian asks how that'd be better, and Genevieve replies that everything is better with a lunch-in. Adrian then yells "What is wrong with you people?" He goes on about how none of them are safe because people will come after them. The residents are clearly bored of this. Evelyn is not happy. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

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