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The well dressed man is the man who records the fight between Reggie Miller and Spence Westmore. He appears in "Betrayal".


Season 2

Wanting to set Spence up so Rosie will stop talking to him, Reggie and his unnamed friend follow Spence to a restaurant. They sit at a table together, watching the actor talk on the phone to his divorce lawyer. After the call ends, Reggie gets up and intentionally bumps into him. Reggie and Spence apologize to one another. Spence comments that he remembers Reggie as Rosie's divorce lawyer. Reggie adds on that he is also her boyfriend and asks if Rosie did not mention that. Spence says that Rosie did not, that they talked about other stuff. Reggie comments that Spence must miss her because she has "serious skills", referring to her having sex. Spence is confused. Reggie says that once getting her "in the sack" that she turns freaky. Spence is offended and ask that Reggie not talk about Rosie like that. Reggie says that it is alright, however, that they can bond over how they both "got to tap that". This drives Spence over the edge and he tackles Reggie. The well dressed man records this. Spence punches Reggie in the face, but random people at the restaurant pull Spence back. He finally breaks free and yells at Reggie who is on the floor to stay away from Rosie. He then storms out. The well dressed man stops recording and helps Reggie up. The well dressed man asks Reggie if he's alright. He says it depends and asks if the well dressed man recorded all of that. He says that he got every frame. Reggie then says "Then I'm great." ("Betrayal")

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