Devious Maids 3x10
August 3, 2015
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Flash sideways
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"Whiplash" is the 36th episode of Devious Maids.


Marisol questions the return of a familiar face to the neighborhood. Carmen’s lies begin to catch up to her. Zoila tries to prove she is a better maid than Joy. Rosie's suspicions about Taylor lead her to a shocking discovery. Evelyn goes to the extreme in order to keep Deion.


Jacklyn 310
Jacklyn gets her revenge against Carmen.

Carmen is busy trying on a number of outfits in preparation for a live television interview to promote her new album when Sebastien stops by, questioning why she didn't go through with the plan to seduce Jacklyn and why she hasn't been returning his calls. She explains in order that she couldn't go through with it because Jacklyn has been nothing but nice to her, and she lost her phone. She begins to fret that she left it at Sebastien's house and that Jacklyn has found it, which is indeed true: right now, Jacklyn is in her office with Carmen's phone, vowing to make her pay for being the one who's screwing her husband. Carmen goes to Jacklyn and makes up some story about Sebastien being her realtor, which his wife seems to buy, and she proceeds to tell her lover that the two of them have to stop seeing each other for a while because she's very close to getting everything she's ever wanted. Sebastien points out that if they're not going to be seeing each other until after she releases her album then they'll have to make this meeting now count, and they proceed to make love. When Carmen is about to appear on live television, she is heavily nervous, but Jacklyn calms her down enough to approach the interviewers with confidence... until, instead of playing her new music video, they show a sex tape recorded when she and Sebastien had sex for the final time. It seems that Jacklyn never bought Carmen's story, and she hid a camera in the maid's room and switched the tapes. It is this that convinces Carmen to end things with Sebastien once and for all because she realizes how horribly they've treated his wife, and she hates who she is when she's with him. She then goes back to Jacklyn to apologize, totally understanding if the label wants to drop her, but Jacklyn makes clear that they have no intention of dropping her - they have her under an exclusive contract, so her album is going to sit on a shelf and rot while she is unable to make music anywhere else.

Spence 310
Rosie learns the identity of Taylor's mysterious "trainer".

Rosie grows suspicious when Taylor comes home from the "gym" and her story keeps on failing to check out, leading her to believe that she's having an affair with her mysterious trainer. She talks this over with the girls in relation to Blanca's murder, thinking that maybe Blanca died because she found out about the affair (with Carmen remembering that she said something at Zoila's wedding about something bad going on with the Stappords). Marisol refuses to believe that Taylor could kill anybody, and so Rosie suggests that perhaps it was her lover who did the deed. As such, she becomes determined to find out just who this "trainer" is, proceeding to follow Taylor the next time she goes to the "gym". She is shocked beyond belief to see that her boss is meeting with none other than Spence. As Rosie spies on them, Taylor slaps Spence for an unknown reason, and Rosie goes to visit her ex at his apartment to confront him about the apparent affair. While he maintains that he and Taylor aren't sleeping together, she doesn't believe him, and she ends up slapping him too. However, Spence tells Taylor what happened and she explains to Rosie that Spence is her sponsor in an addiction support group she started attending following her overdose (see "The Talk of the Town"), and the reason she slapped him is because he wanted to cease his support because he felt that with Rosie working for her that things were getting too complicated. She assures Rosie that Spence really is a good guy and so once again Rosie visits her ex to apologize; she ends up kissing him on either cheek as an apology for the slaps he endured, and a moment of heavy lingering romantic tension occurs between the two.

Marisol 310
Olivia makes herself into a suspect.

Marisol visits Jesse in an attempt to apologize for accusing him of murder and, while he has no intention of taking her back after what she did, he suggests that she make it up to him by writing a good recommendation for a job he's going after. When Marisol returns home, she is shocked to find Olivia Rice roaming her apartment; apparently, she is who Jesse wants to work for and, ever-fearful of Olivia's raving lunacy, Marisol convinces Olivia that he wouldn't be a good fit for her. Jesse is furious about this but Marisol tries arguing that Olivia is crazy and that they don't need that kind of drama in their lives. This causes Jesse to realize that she still thinks that they could get back together, and so he makes it abundantly clear that that isn't the case. Feeling foolish, Marisol meets with Olivia and champions Jesse, making up some story about how she was jealous and feared she and her ex-boyfriend starting up an affair. Olivia is somewhat touched by this but assures Marisol that she needn't worry anyway because she's already seeing someone: Michael. She says how "the whore" (Taylor) is finally getting a taste of her own medicine because her whole life is falling apart. "I couldn't have planned it better myself," Olivia stresses, and Marisol grows concerned when she states that Blanca was murdered, with everyone but the maids believing that it was a suicide.

310 04
Joy gets covered in Dr. Neff's mom.

Zoila tries impressing Dr. Neff now that Genevieve has gone away to visit Valentina and Remi in New York. However, this is very difficult to do when Joy - Neff's maid - is constantly upstaging her. When Zoila makes a turkey sandwich, Joy makes a turkey dinner; when Zoila folds the towels neatly, Joy makes them into a swan; when Zoila makes the bed, Joy adds a mint to the pillow; and finally, when Zoila vacuums the floor, Joy takes out a giant floor-buffer. Sick of losing this rivalry, Zoila simply retires to cleaning a vase, but Joy tells her to stop. She ends up taking the vase and running away with it... but she slips over on the spot where she buffed the floors. As it turns out, the vase was in fact an urn, and the remains of Dr. Neff's beloved mother Lurlene come spilling out all over Joy. She begins moaning about how disappointed Neff will be in her, since he gave her a job after her mother died and has been good to her like a father for most of her life, and so Zoila just fills the urn with vacuum dust in the hopes that he won't find out. This doesn't work though, because Neff senses that his "mother" is lighter, and so Zoila abides by the "maid code" that she earlier accused Joy of flouting. She says how she accidentally spilled some of Lurlene, and Neff is furious; Joy is grateful that Zoila took the blame for her, but then she speaks to Dr. Neff and he says that she is to help him get rid of Zoila by making Genevieve choose him over her.

Deion 310
"Turns out he's a Powell after all."

Evelyn has Adrian watch their new son Deion for the day, giving him no say in the matter which causes Deion to rightfully point out that Mr. Powell is his wife's "bitch". He goes to the club and actually starts bonding with Deion, who manages to get him a tee time on the golf course, while Evelyn meets with Natalie from Child Services. She explains how she'll want to visit the Powell mansion and interview both of Deion's foster parents, which deeply worries Evelyn because she is under the impression that her husband still hates the boy and will try to sabotage the meeting. In reality, Adrian and Deion are further bonding over a horse race, and Evelyn proceeds to express her woes to Olivia over lunch. Olivia very bluntly suggests that Evelyn simply drug Adrian with some anger management pills she's been taking, and so when Natalie comes over Evelyn spikes Adrian's drink with one of the pills. However, it is Natalie who ends up drinking it, and when Adrian begins to notice that she's on drugs Evelyn confesses what she did, including the part about wanting to keep him docile for the interview because she didn't want him to ruin everything. It is then that he confesses that he's actually grown fond of their new son, to Evelyn's joy, but Natalie remains a problem. When she wakes up, they try telling her how she got tipsy and fell asleep, but she knows this to be untrue because she doesn't drink. Knowing that they drugged her, she refuses to let Deion live there any longer... until the boy himself reveals that he took some pictures of her while high. He threatens to show them to her boss if she doesn't let him remain with the Powells, and it is this act of extortion that allows Adrian to declare that the boy really is a Powell after all.

Olivia 310
What's Olivia up to?

In regards to the current mystery looming over Beverly Hills, Rosie meets Marisol at the latter's house and explains to her the situation regarding Taylor and Spence. While Marisol is happy that Taylor isn't having an affair with Rosie's ex, she remains concerned about the fact that Olivia referred to Blanca as specifically having been "murdered". Because of this, she thinks that Olivia played a role in Blanca's death. Meanwhile, Olivia makes a phone call to a mysterious assailant, saying how she'll be giving them the rest of their money because they've done more than enough to serve her. She then takes out a pair of scissors and starts to cut her hair, eventually shaving her head completely bald. Clearly a devious plot is on the horizon...



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