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Don't hate me 'cause I'm slimy.
Zach Fowler, "Getting Out the Blood"

Zach Fowler is a sleazy paparazzi who hounds Carmen when word gets out that her boss, Alejandro Rubio, is gay. He appears in "Getting Out the Blood".


Season 1

Zach watches Carmen complain to Rosie and Marisol why do they still return to their usual hangout spot citing how ridiculous the prices are. Carmen asks the other girls for money she needs to borrow. "Again?" Rosie reminds. Both Carmen and Rosie say it's not each others' fault there both broke. Marisol notices Zach and asks Carmen how is her love life, and Rosie asks about Sam. Carmen explains they had a fight and he went away. Marisol tells Carmen Zach is watching Carmen and she brushes off that he's not her type, but signals him to come to the table in order to use him to pay for lunch. Zach introduces himself to Carmen, and knows who she is. Carmen asks how and he says he's a reporter who works for Celebrity Dirt, a trashy Internet site. Carmen asks how he recognized her and he says he knows she's Alejandro Rubio's maid and that he's taken pictures of her coming out of his house. She jokes about being his girlfriend, and Zach says they both know he doesn't swing that way. Zach asks if he's right. All three maids are in shock and walk off as Zach says that they've been told he broken up with his boyfriend and Marisol tells Carmen to say "no comment", which she does. He says they just need confirmation and naturally they'll pay people as much as $10,000 for exposing. Carmen is frozen. Zach later sneaks into Alejandro Rubio's house and takes photographs of Sam and Alejandro embracing. Carmen notices Zach taking pictures behind a potted plant and screams separate as Zach grabs his equipment and runs as Alejandro chases him and grabs his camera but manages to push Alejandro and Sam tries to chase him too but Zach manages to climb a fence and throw his supplies and takes pictures of Sam behind the wiring. ("Getting Out the Blood")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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