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Zoila Diaz
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Zoila Diaz
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Rich boys never fall in love with the help.

Zoila Diaz is a main character and one of the titular protagonists on Devious Maids. Zoila works as a maid in the house of Genevieve Delatour, along with her daughter, Valentina, who, as she comes to learn, is in love with the Delatour's son, Remi. Zoila tries her best to keep her daughter from coming any closer to Remi, for she knows from experience - or believes, anyway - that rich boys never fall in love with "the help". However, and even though Zoila's heart is in the right place, Valentina's determination to break the employer/employee barrier is further fueled by her mother's attempts to stop her.


Season 1Edit

Zoila attends the funeral of her friend and fellow maid Flora and as she, her daughter Valentina and her friends leave the graveyard, Rosie suggests that they go to the police with what they know of Flora's death, but her friends ward her off of the thought. Zoila is later introduced as the maid of Genevieve Delatour, along with with her daughter, and she discovers her employer under the bed having swallowed a whole bottle of pills after the pool boy left her. Remi, Genevieve's son, comes to help, and Valentina suggests that he stay home instead of go to college and commute. This excites Genevieve so much that she offers to go the the hospital, and takes Zoila to help her put her make up on first. Later, Zoila is  having lunch with her friends, and they invite new maid Marisol to their table and seem to hit it off with her... until the matter of Flora's murder arises and the other three leave suspiciously. When Zoila returns home, she sees that Valentina is flirting with Remi, and is less than happy. After work, Zoila goes shopping and returns home with a new outfit for Valentina. Her daughter is initially happy until she discovers that it's a stereotypical maid's outfit, wondering why her mother bought it. Zoila tells her daughter that it's her uniform and that she has to remember her place, assuring her that rich boys never fall in love with the help. When Zoila falls asleep, Valentina whips out her sewing kit and alters the dress to make her look sexy, and she is very happy when Remi approves. Later, when Zoila is once again having lunch with her friends, they once again invite Marisol over, but she is on her way somewhere, and so carries on walking. ("Pilot")

Valentina bonds with Remi over their shared love of old movies and manages to ingratiate herself with his college friends. Zoila, disapproving of this, convinces Genevieve to throw a party where Remi's friends will see her at work. Afterwards, Valentina admits her feelings to Genevieve who agrees to help her. ("Setting the Table") Unbeknownst to Zoila, Valentina and Genevieve team up to get Remi to notice Valentina as more than just a friend. ("Wiping Away the Past")

The arrival of Genevieve's brother, Henri complicates matters for Zoila, whose heart he broke years before. ("Making Your Bed") Zoila's job is jeopardized when Genevieve has financial troubles. ("Walking the Dog") Valentina believes Remi is doing drugs, only to learn that Zoila had known about his habit early on and steps in to do damage control. ("Taking a Message") Zoila and Valentina intervene in Genevieve's attempt to marry a 76-year-old blind man who believes Genevieve is 39 and hopes that she will give him a family. He makes a deal to marry Genevieve if Valentina becomes the egg donor. ("Minding the Baby")

Genevieve is put at a disadvantage after Zoila refuses to allow Valentina to be a egg donor but Valentina (who really wants to go to fashion school) is tempted to take the offer after she is asked by Genevieve's boyfriend. ("Scrambling the Eggs") Remi asks Zoila's permission to date Valentina, so she invites him over for dinner so she and Pablo can get to know him. ("Hanging the Drapes") Philippe and Genevieve grow closer, but Zoila doesn't buy that he's changed his philandering ways. So she has a friend of hers, Margo, to come flirt with him. ("Cleaning Out the Closet") Zoila continues to disapprove of Genevieve and Philippe's relationship. ("Getting Out the Blood")


  • Zoila is the only lead maid to be absent for an episode.


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