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Rich boys never fall in love with the help.
Zoila Diaz, "Pilot"

Zoila Diaz is a main character and one of the titular protagonists on Devious Maids. Zoila works as a maid in the house of Genevieve Delatour, along with her daughter, Valentina, who, as she comes to learn, is in love with the Delatour's son, Remi. Zoila tries her best to keep her daughter from coming any closer to Remi, for she knows from experience - or believes, anyway - that rich boys never fall in love with "the help". However, and even though Zoila's heart is in the right place, Valentina's determination to break the employer/employee barrier is further fueled by her mother's attempts to stop her.


Early LifeEdit

When first working for Genevieve, she became close with her brother, Henri. They dated a while, and Zoila fell in love with him. Their romance didn't last, however, because Henri left her for a woman Cynthia who he ended up marrying. This left Zoila heartbroken, but then she met and married Pablo Diaz. ("Making Your Bed") They had one daughter, Valentina. ("Pilot")

Season 1Edit

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Zoila is worried for her daughter. ("Pilot")

Zoila attends the funeral of her friend and fellow maid Flora and as she, her daughter Valentina and her friends leave the graveyard, Rosie suggests that they go to the police with what they know of Flora's death, but her friends ward her off of the thought. Zoila is later introduced as the maid of Genevieve Delatour, along with with her daughter, and she discovers her employer under the bed having swallowed a whole bottle of pills after the pool boy left her. Remi, Genevieve's son, comes to help, and Valentina suggests that he stay home instead of go to college and commute. This excites Genevieve so much that she offers to go the the hospital, and takes Zoila to help her put her make up on first. Later, Zoila is  having lunch with her friends, and they invite new maid Marisol to their table and seem to hit it off with her... until the matter of Flora's murder arises and the other three leave suspiciously. When Zoila returns home, she sees that Valentina is flirting with Remi, and is less than happy. After work, Zoila goes shopping and returns home with a new outfit for Valentina. Her daughter is initially happy until she discovers that it's a stereotypical maid's outfit, wondering why her mother bought it. Zoila tells her daughter that it's her uniform and that she has to remember her place, assuring her that rich boys never fall in love with the help. When Zoila falls asleep, Valentina whips out her sewing kit and alters the dress to make her look sexy, and she is very happy when Remi approves. Later, when Zoila is once again having lunch with her friends, they once again invite Marisol over, but she is on her way somewhere, and so carries on walking. ("Pilot")

Valentina is really into Remi. And when she finds out that they both have a love for old movies in common, she finds herself meeting up with he and his friends at a local theater. When her mother Zoila finds out, she’s not amused. “He is your employer, not your friend,” she tells her. Trying to keep Valentina in her place, Zoila suggests that Genevieve throw a party for Remi and his friends so that Valentina will learn that she can’t mix business with pleasure. When some of Remi’s friends discover that Valentina is Remi’s maid, their interaction is immediately changed with distaste. Later, Valentina reveals to Genevieve her love for Remi — news which brings a smile to her face. Genevieve agrees to help Valentina tell Remi of the secret she’s been keeping for as long as she can remember. ("Setting the Table")

Zoila is upset when she finds out that Genevieve is helping Valentina win the heart of Remi. Zoila tells her employer that she and Valentina will not show up to work until she understands that both Remi and Valentina can’t be together. We learn that the reason why Zoila is against their relationship is because she had a relationship with Genevieve’s brother Henri until he was introduced to his now current wife Cynthia, a woman from similar background as Zoila’s. Zoila had her heart broken and has not gotten it over since and fears history will repeat itself with Valentina and Remi. Genevieve feels sorry because she was the one who introduced Henri to Cynthia. ("Wiping Away the Past")

Zoila has had a heartbreaking past with Genevieve’s brother, Henri. When he stops by to visit, fond memories are returned. When she hears of the news that Henri and his wife are deciding to get a divorce, Zoila makes a loud statement — literally — by dropping a platter she was using to serve he and Genevieve tea. However, Zoila was brokenhearted after he left her once again. Moreover, she realized that she should let Valentina date whomever she wanted – even if it meant that Remi might break her heart. ("Making Your Bed")

Genevieve and Zoila returning home from a shopping trip. Genevieve, as is her way, is overdramatically lamenting the fact that she is no longer a size zero. Unfortunately, she is about to discover that she has bigger problems – her fortune has been stolen and she and Remi are now penniless. She deals with this discovery far better than anyone would expect, and though she at first goes to Philippe, her ex-husband and Remi’s father, for financial help, she realizes that she does not want to resume a relationship with him just to be rich again. She and Zoila share an incredibly touching moment when Genevieve gives Zoila her wedding ring and promises to take care of her, because Zoila is the one person who has stuck by Genevieve all her life. ("Walking the Dog")

Valentina tells Zoila that Remi is using drugs and Zoila in turn reveals that Remi has been in rehab before for a cocaine addiction. Zoila sits Remi down and tells him that though he has spent his life trying to be strong and take care of his mother, he needs somebody to take care of him sometimes too. She reveals that she knows he is doing drugs again and that she has packed his suitcase for rehab. Though he tries to protest, telling Zoila that he is her boss and she has no business interfering in his personal life, she calmly tells him that she has called his father and that though she may not be able to make him go to rehab, he certainly can. ("Taking a Message")

While all of Remi’s drug-related problems were occurring, Genevieve was on a cruise. Then, Zoila and Valentina discover Genevieve’s engagement to a 76 year old blind billionaire, who she she has convinced that she is 39. After some passive aggressive, double-entendre laden verbal sparring between Genevieve and Zoila, the gentleman in question asks Zoila how old Genevieve really is. When he finds out her real age, he wants to leave her. His main goal in life is to have a child, and he wants to a wife who is physically able to bear one. However, after Valentina and he have a discussion about love, he decides that he loves Genevieve enough to stay with her, as long as they find a surrogate to have his child. He wants to choose the woman whose egg will unite with his sperm. And the woman whose egg he wants is Valentina. ("Minding the Baby")

Genevieve talks to Zoila before asking Valentina to donate one of her eggs. Zoila refuses. Zoila manipulates Genevieve into breaking up with her fiancé in order to get her own way and decides to sell the ring Genevieve had given her in order to pay for Valentina’s fashion education. Moreover, Genevieve discovers the truth and has to deal with Remi’s drug problem and her own failings as a mother. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Remi is back from rehab. Everyone at the Delatour house is ecstatic except Valentina. She is apprehensive about seeing him again, telling Zoila that she hopes Remi does not hate her for being the catalyst that sent him there in the first place. Fortunately he does not, telling her that she saved his life and kissing her in front of his parents and her mother. Afterwards, he approaches Zoila, asking her is she disapproves of the fact that he is dating Valentina given that he is a drug addict. She does not and invites him to dinner with her and Pablo. When he arrives (a bottle of Scotch in tow), he accidentally reveals that he does not know Valentina’s last name. This upsets her even more than her father’s terrible jokes, and she pitches a fit in the middle of dinner, ranting at Remi for knowing nothing about her when she knows literally everything about him. Zoila and Valentina have a conversation about Valentina’s fear that she will always, on some level, be “the help” to Remi, and Zoila proposes a simple solution to her problem: quit. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Genevieve is hot and heavy with her ex-husband, Philippe, even going so far as to open a bottle of wine herself so that they can have a mid-night refreshment. Unfortunately, Zoila does not approve of Genevieve’s rekindled relationship, and schemes to uncover Philippe’s still cheating ways by enlisting her friend Margo Grayson to flirt with him. When he gives Margo his personal number, Zoila confronts Genevieve about it – at her and Philippe’s re-engagement celebration. Genevieve tells Zoila that she is still going to marry Philippe. But, upon learning of his father’s flirtation with Margo, Remi, dealing with the fact that he is a suspect in Flora’s death and covering up for who he thinks was her killer, punches him in the face and whispers something into his ear. ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

It appears that Philippe Delatour may have a lot to do with Flora’s murder. In any case, the man about whom Genevieve speaks so glowingly raped Flora before her death. Philippe confides this to Remi when Remi confronts him about his relationship with Flora, and Remi is disgusted. Remi decides to apply to be an assistant in foreign aid medical program in order to get away from his toxic family and asks Valentina to go with him. Zoila forbids Valentina from running away with Remi. Trying to control her adult daughter, Zoila explained to Remi that she wants Valentina to live her own dreams and not Remi’s. She wants her daughter to focus on her passion for fashion and not her passion for her boyfriend. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Remi followed Zoila’s instructions from last week and left for Africa without saying goodbye to anyone including Valentina. Both Valentina and Genevieve are crushed. Over lunch, Valentina expresses her insecurities about her relationship with Remi to Zoila, saying that she fears that he really will always see her as a maid. This prompts Zoila to tell her the truth about his departure, and she is understandably upset. Later, while attending Genevieve's engagement party, she, Rosie, and Carmen help Marisol prove Philippe murdered Flora. ("Totally Clean")

Season 2Edit

Three months after Rosie's arrest, Marisol arrives at her trial to be able to stay in the United States. Marisol sits down next to her friends, Carmen and Zoila. The two women ask Marisol if anything happened the night before with Nicholas. The former maid exclaims that he proposed, and she then begins to show off her huge engagement ring. Carmen is surprised and tells Marisol it's not real, but Marisol states that it is. Zoila cracks a joke and the three women start laughing. Judge D. Daves yells out, asking why there are people laughing in his courtroom. Marisol, Carmen, and Zoila immediately go silent. Rosie ends up being released, but has to return to court in six months, pleading her case for asylum. The four friends are then reunited. Later, Zoila tells Genevieve that she needs to drop the “grieving widow routine and go shopping”. Genevieve receives a letter from Remi, and rushes off and won’t tell Zoila what is in the letter. Later, Genevieve finds Valentina staying in a run down apartment, because Remi wrote that she had come back from Africa without him. He decided to stay in the Congo another year. Valentina didn't tell her mom that she is home because she is still mad at her for encouraging Remi to go to Africa. Genevieve reunites Zoila and Valentina. Zoila apologizes profusely, and then tells her to go get her stuff and come home. Valentina informs her she isn't coming home, she is going to live with Genevieve. However, thanks to Zoila, Valentina can't live with her former boss. ("An Ideal Husband")

Zoila is furious when she finds out her daughter Valentina is working as a live-in maid now for Evelyn and Adrian. Also, her marriage starts falling apart when Pablo grows tired of her being so controlling. Later, Zoila arrives at the Powell house and barges and announces to Valentina that she has come to pack her bags and take her home. Valentina informs her she won’t be returning and to stop trying to control her. When Valentina turns around Zoila steals a Faberge egg off the counter and slips it into her purse, while Ethan the pool boy quietly watches. Later on, Ethan tells Valentina about this and says that Zoila most likely did it so the Powell's would think Valentina did it and then fire her. When Zoila arrives at her home, her husband Pablo is furious. Valentina called him and told him that Zoila stole the Faberge Egg. He yells at her and tells her he's tired of her trying to control his and Valentina’s life. That night, Zoila returns home and finds that Pablo has packed a bag. He says he needs some space and he's “taking a break” and moving into a small apartment. He promises her it's going to be good for both of them. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Marisol shows Dahlia's letter she found to Rosie and Zoila. Zoila is shocked and says Marisol should investigates about that letter. That night, Genevieve yells at Zoila for vacuuming too loudly, she needs sleep. Zoila confesses that she doesn’t want to go home because her house is empty. Genevieve says Zoila needs to have some fun and invites her to her luncheon tomorrow as a guest. The next day, Genevieve’s guests begin arriving at the luncheon, Zoila isn’t having a good time, thanks to Tanya. The next morning, Tanya stops by and apologizes to Zoila for being so rotten to her at the luncheon. She reveals that Genevieve told her about Pablo dumping her. Zoila is furious and calls Genevieve out for gossiping about her. Genevieve comforts her and tells her she will never leave her like Pablo and Valentina, and she invites Zoila to stay with her for a few days. The next day, Zoila is present at Alejandro's funeral. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

Genevieve is getting Zoila dolled up. Pablo has called and wants to see her. Pablo reveals to Zoila that he is dating a woman named Helen from work and he is bringing Helen as his date to their godson’s graduation party. Zoila is furious and threatens to remove one of his body parts. Then, Genevieve informs Zoila she has to go to her godson’s graduation party. She encourages her to to go find a “handsome successful man” and show up with him on her arm to prove that she doesn’t need Pablo anymore. Later, a florist, named Dave Grant, arrives at Genevieve’s to deliver flowers from her latest admirer, he asks Zoila out and Genevieve persuades her to take him to her godson’s graduation to make Pablo feel bad that she is dating a successful flower shop owner. Zoila takes Dave to her godson’s graduation party, Pablo is shocked to see that she isn’t as “devastated” as she though he would be. However, Zoila finds a check for $1,000 in her date’s pocket from Genevieve. The florist confesses that the whole thing is staged and he isn’t a florist, he’s from an escort service, and Genevieve paid him to ask Zoila out. She heads home and doesn’t tell Genevieve she knows the truth about Dave the florist, instead she tells Genevieve that she wants to marry Dave and have a baby with him. Genevieve freaks out and confesses Dave is a male prostitute. She did it because she is scared Zoila is going to wind up old and alone like her. Zoila forgives her… but tells her the next time she pulls a stunt like this it will be the day that she dies. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Valentina pays Zoila a visit and tells her she needs advice and “apologizes for being such a brat.” She reveals that she loves Remi, but he broke his heart. She cares about Ethan too, but at the end of the day he can hurt her too. Zoila informs her she is not telling her what to do, and she needs to make this decision herself. Later, Remi gets out of bed and heads downstairs to Zoila and Genevieve. He begs Zoila to talk to Valentina and convince her to give him another chance, but Zoila informs him she doesn’t meddle anymore and there is nothing she can do. After Zoila leaves Genevieve promises Remi that she will get Valentina back for him. ("The Bad Seed")

Zoila has also gotten back into dating. She met some pompous chef, named Javier Mendoza, at the market and they started trading barbs. These insults turned into flirtation and now she has a date. Genevieve was able to pull her head out of her son’s business long enough to find out what’s been going on with Zoila. Zoila agreed to a date at the chef’s house and it wasn’t until her boss pointed it out that she realized her date might have certain expectations. Zoila worked herself up into a state wondering if she had to give up sex on the first date. Although she did get off lucky. Javier didn’t want to push Zoila into something she wasn’t ready for. They agree to just be friends, and one night they can maybe try something new, referring to sex. ("Private Lives")

Zoila and Javier head back to his house after a date. She tells him that his home is “warm and inviting, but covered in dirt,” he needs a maid. He says he has one, but she has worked for him for ten years and he can’t fire her. Zoila convinces him to talk to her. Later, Remi confronts Zoila about Ethan, and says that he got a “weird vibe” from him. Zoila reminds him that she promised Valentina she wouldn’t meddle in his life. She tells Remi she needs to remind Valentina what is “right about himself” not what is wrong with Ethan. The next day, Rosie introduces her friend Concepcion to Zoila and Carmen. Concepcion is Javier’s maid, and she is in tears because Javier says she has to clean the entire house after his girlfriend seen how dirty it is. She cries that she is supposed to go to San Diego to see her dying grandmother. Zoila feels guilty and tells her to give her the keys to Javier’s house. Later, Zoila sneaks in to Javier’s house and begins doing all of the cleaning for his maid, who she promised to cover for. His maid has no idea that Zoila is his girlfriend though. She gets all of the cleaning done, and then rushes home and gets dressed and meets him back at his house for their date. Javier is furious he says that he has been paying her good money for ten years and she has been holding back on him. Zoila confesses to him that she met Concepcion and felt bad for her, so she cleaned his house for her. ("Betrayal")

Genevieve returns home and finds Zoila passed out in the recliner with the vacuum cleaner on. She confesses that she was up late with Javier the night before. Genevieve comes to the conclusion that Zoila and Javier are serious and demand that she invite him over so that she can meet him, because she is like Zoila's sister. That night, Javier, Zoila, and Genevieve sit down for dinner. Zoila is annoyed when Genevieve shamelessly flirts with Javier all night. Zoila is really upset and she reveals to Javier the true age of Genevieve: 61 years old. The next morning, Zoila confronts Genevieve and asks her why she has been flirting with her boyfriend Javier. Genevieve fumes that Zoila is just jealous of her “ageless beauty.” When Zoila storms off Genevieve receives a phone call from her doctor telling her that her test results are in and she needs to come in to his office. Later, Zoila is with Javier and tells him she had a fight with Genevieve about what happened last night. Zoila adds that Genevieve means a lot to her and she is worried because she left in the middle of their fight, and that's not like her. Then, the maid kisses Javier. Later, Zoila goes to see Genevieve. She asks her where she went this morning. The woman tells her Dr. Kimball needed to see her because there is a problem with her kidneys. She adds it seems the little buggers are starting to shut down, so she has to start dialysis. Zoila is really sorry for Genevieve, especially because it could be life-threatening for people of her age. Zoila replies she needs her to be okay and asks her to come out to dinner with her and Javier again. Genevieve agrees. ("Night, Mother")

Genevieve is on a hunt for a kidney, unfortunately Remi isn’t a match. Zoila says she should get tested too, but Genevieve replies she knows how much Tequila Zoila put away on the weekends, and she prefers to does not want an abused kidney. Remi thinks they should contact their cousins from Oklahoma, but Genevieve refuses because she hates them and she does not want doesn’t want anything to do with them. Then, Remi suggest to call Henri but his mother says no and makes him promise not to call them. After Genevieve left the room, Zoila asks Henri's number to Remi, because if Remi promises to does not call him, Zoila did not promise something. After she called Henri, Zoila is shocked when Genevieve’s mom, Velma, shows up on her doorstep, but not as shocked as Genevieve. That night, Remi and Genevieve sit down for an awkward dinner with Velma. She reveals that Genevieve is a phony and her real name is Eunice Mudge; then she takes her false teeth out to get corn out of them. Disgusted, Genevieve storms out and orders Zoila to get rid of her mom. That night, Zoila corners Velma and tries to convince her to go home because Genevieve needs her rest. The old woman gives her a speech about how hard it was for her to be a single mother in the 1950’s and how ungrateful Genevieve is for everything she did for her. She says if Genevieve wants her to leave, she can tell her herself. Zoila heads back to Genevieve’s room and lectures her about the fifth commandment and honoring her mother. She reminds her that her mom isn’t going to be around forever and she should try to have a relationship with her. Later, Genevieve says to Zoila she is right and she can't kick her mother out of her house because she will regret it. However, she adds she needs more time to figure out how to handle her, so she is going to the Four Seasons for a few weeks. Genevieve leaves the house, asking Zoila to take care of her mother. ("The Visit")

Zoila is struggling to get along with Velma, who has taken up residence at Genevieve’s mansion since she learned about her daughter’s health problems. Genevieve abandoned Zoila and let her go with her mom and ran away to a spa. Zoila is getting mad thanks to Velma, who uses a bell in order to call her. Later, Zoila pays Genevieve a visit at the spa, and informs her she has to come home and deal with her mom. Genevieve refuses to come home, she can’t stand to be in the same house as her. Zoila tells her this time she can stand up to her because she will protect her if Velma attacks her. Finally, Genevieve agrees to come home after her massage. Later, Genevieve and Zoila return home, and Genevieve gives her mom a long speech about treating her like crap her entire life and how she doesn’t need her negative energy. Zoila is commending Genevieve on finally standing up to her mom, and then Velma drops to the floor. She is rushed to the hospital, a few hours later Genevieve returns from the hospital in tears because her mom isn’t dead. She just has a minor heart problem. Genevieve is sad because she realized her mother won't ever being nice with her. Zoila tries to console her but Genevieve tells her Zoila is more a mother to her than Velma. Then, Zoila says Genevieve is going to stick by her mother and she is gonna give that woman the respect and dignity she refuses to give her, because that's how Zoila raised her. The next day, Velma is back in a wheelchair. Genevieve tells her Zoila helps her to pack for her trip back to Oklahoma. Velma teases her about her clothes, but Genevieve replies if Velma wants her to change she will do it because she decided to be a good daughter. Then, Zoila tells Velma Genevieve is going to push her because it will be safer for her. Genevieve and Velma begin their trip to the airport, while the old woman teases her daughter by saying she never know how to drive. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

Zoila is at Javier's home, preparing breakfast. Javier approaches her in his bath robe, asking her if she had a goodnight. Zoila confirms it when the doorbell rings. Javier goes to open the door. It is Pablo, asking if Zoila is there. Javier is a bit surprised when Zoila arrives. Pablo tells Zoila that it is an emergency and he needs her to come with him. She refuses, but he reveals that Valentina is in jail because there was blood in the car. They rush out the door. Later, Zoila and Pablo arrive at the police station and find Remi - who called Pablo - in the waiting room. Remi tells them Valentina is being questioned, and the cops refuse to let Remi see her. Zoila and Pablo go in the room where they see Valentina; she is eased to see them. The young girl tells to her parents she knows it looks bad but she swears she didn't do anything wrong. A cop tells them she has refused to answer any questions and hasn't been charged with anything, so Pablo tells him they can take her home. The cop strongly advises Valentina to cooperate, but they leave anyway. That night, at their home, Zoila and Pablo question Valentina about the blood in her car, she confesses that it was Ethan's blood and he got stabbed while he was robbing Spence Westmore's house. Zoila insists they call the police because they killed someone, but Valentina doesn't want to ruin Ethan's life. Pablo confesses to Valentina that he spent 14 months in jail when he was her age because he stole a car with his friends. Zoila tells her he didn't wanted her to know about it because Pablo thinks Valentina would be ashamed of him. Then, Pablo tells her he doesn't want her to make the same mistake. Later, Zoila and Pablo are making plans with a lawyer to accompany Valentina to the station. Zoila offers to cook him dinner, and he confesses that his girlfriend Helen isn't "much of a cook." They discuss their new relationships, and how happy they are. Pablo points out they always made a great team, and then kisses Zoila. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Zoila wakes up next to Pablo, and realizes she had sex with him the night before. She heads out to the kitchen to get her and Pablo a cup of coffee when Valentina catches her. Zoila asks her what she is doing there, and Valentina answers that she has to meet with the police to talk to them about Ethan so she decided to spend the night. Then, Valentina realizes Zoila has two cups of coffee and she tells to her mother she likes Javier because he is really nice. But, then the doorbell rings and Javier is at the door, saying to Zoila he has pastelitos so they can have their breakfast together. Zoila heads to the park with him, and then Pablo comes out of the bedroom, and announces he and Zoila are getting back together to a confused Valentina. Later, Valentina goes to Genevieve's house, in order to talk with her mother. She congratulates her with irony because Pablo told her they are getting back together. Zoila says Pablo is probably confused and Valentina says it is because Zoila slept with him. Then, she adds if she does not want to get back with Javier she needs to tell him. However, Zoila says she does not know if she wants to be with Pablo or Javier. She says she needs to think about it. That night, at Javier's house, Zoila sits down with him and decides to be honest with him. However, before Zoila confesses that she slept with Pablo, Javier looks embarrassed and says Genevieve probably told her everything. He reveals that he bought them two tickets to Paris. She is so moved by the gesture, she changes her mind and doesn't come clean to him about her romp with Pablo the night before. The next day, Zoila heads to Genevieve’s house and finds her crying, she reveals that she can’t find a donor and the doctor says that she needs a kidney ASAP. She cries that she “doesn’t want to die just yet” because she still looks good. Zoila wants to get tested and see if she is a match, Genevieve finally caves and agrees to take her kidney if she is a match. That night, Zoila arrives at home, after she get tested for Genevieve's kidney. She finds Pablo sitting in the living-room, she says to him they have had a great time but she isn't going to take him back, and he shouldn't look too far in to their hook-up, because she still cannot not forgive him what he did to her. He begs her to take him back, but she says she is going out of town and they can talk about it when she returns. ("Proof")

Carmen, Zoila, Rosie, and Marisol are heading to lunch. They arrive at the restaurant, and there is a sign on the door that says “closed for private event.” Inside, the girls find Spence waiting for Rosie in a room decked out in flowers. The girls leave the room while Rosie goes with Spence, asking if she wants to marry him. She agrees. That night, at her house, Genevieve announces Pablo is the donor, Zoila is surprised and says that he is just doing it because he is trying to win her back. She thinks she wants to be with Javier because she loves him. Genevieve tells her if she loves Pablo and if he loves her, she should be with Pablo so he will give her his kidney. Later, Zoila pays Javier a visit and she decides to tell him the truth: they can’t go to Paris because she had sex with Pablo. Javier says he is really angry but he cans forgive her. Zoila explains that she thinks she will give Pablo a second chance. Later, Pablo moves back to his house. Zoila does not seem really enjoyed, but the doorbell rings. Zoila opens the door, and realizes it is Helen, who shows up at their house to drop off Pablo's stuff. The latter reveals she kicked Pablo out a month ago because he is a liar. Zoila realizes that the only reason Pablo tried to get back together with her is because he had no place to go. She is happy with that and tells Pablo goodbye. Then, she goes back to Javier's home and she kisses him. The next day is Rosie’s big day, and her three friends help her get ready. Rosie doesn’t know if she should marry Spence, because she doesn’t think she will be as happy with Spence as she was with Ernesto. However, her friends tell her she should not compare Spence with Ernesto, and her wedding will be happy because Spence loves her so much. Before the ceremony, Zoila receives a phone call from Dr. Kimball, telling her she is pregnant. After Rosie and Spence are married, Zoila and the others guests go out of the church, and they watch as Rosie and Spence walk down the steps. Everyone's happiness is cut short, however, as Ty arrives and starts shooting at everyone. Rosie drops her blood covered bouquet, leaving it unknown who was shot. ("Look Back in Anger")


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